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  1. I plan to go through and fix up the cosmetic parts like intros, issues, attributes, etc. Are you still interested in possibly pursuing the Wisconsin Assembly and even the New York State Senate in a joint effort now that we know what makes it work?

    Just looked over the basics of what the scenario will entail. 99 seats in the assembly, it's going to be a big venture. I'm up for it. But if you were interested in doing another state senate, that would be a change.

  2. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand might be one, though she may support Cuomo if he were to run. Amy Klobuchar, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden may be some possibles. A fun one could be Barack Obama, in search for victory(though if Romney's that popular in your scenario, he wouldn't run)but still it would be fun. Other possibilities might be Mark Warner or Al Franken.

    I didn't include Gillibrand because, like you said, she would support Cuomo. I did put her on the VP list though. Amy Klobuchar is a possibility. But like I said before, politically, Biden and Clinton are going to be for the most part irrelevant in 2016. More Biden then Clinton imo.

    I found this on Mark Warner back in 2008 on a blog, here's an excerpt. This also applies to Amy Klobuchar:

    By 2016, Mark Warner will likely be a sitting senator in his second term and a popular former governor. He'll also, however, be 62 years old (older than the average contender) and will not be a new or exciting face. He is not a terribly charismatic guy and he doesn't really excite any major ideological faction of the party.]
  3. For the Democrats Maryland Governor Martin o' Malley has often been considered a candidate for president in 2016

    and the Republicans you could put Herman Cain as an off canidate

    oh and by the way who was Romney's Vice President during 2012?

    Susana Martinez.

    Martin o'malley (on)

    Kay Hagan (on)

    Mary Landrieu (off)

    Kay Hagan is a more viable candidate than Mary Landrieu. Since O'Malley is on, I'm not sure where Booker falls.

  4. Also, as GOP challengers go, though he declined to run in 2012, Huckabee hinted he may run in 2016.

    I don't think anyone (ie, Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich) will be relevant or politically viable by 2016. If you think back 5 years ago, how different were the national figures at that time. Barack Obama wasn't well known, Palin wasn't around, etc. As hard as it is to look into the future, looking back at the past tells us 5 years from now the national figures and rising stars will be different. Huckabee wasn't that important anyway, and if any year was his time to run it would of been in 2012.

    Also the question arises, if Romney did win the presidency; who would realistically challenge an incumbent? Usually it's a few fringe candidates who make a short play at it. It would be interesting if an experience candidate (Rand Paul, Mike Lee) could successfully challenge an incumbent; and win. I think that scenario is realistic.

  5. I wrote this before but then I erased it by accident. But the scenario is basically Mitt Romney running for re-election after beating Obama in 2012. He bought the economy back up from peril, and the feel good atmosphere of Reagan has spread across America. Even though the tea party is a distant memory, the senators elected aren't. After Mitt ignored social issues and passed cap & trade, Rand Paul & Mike Lee (two of the most social conservatives in senate) are challenging Mitt. Mitt is barely hanging on in the polls.

    On the democratic side, Andrew Cuomo is in a tight race with Cory Booker. Booker, previously the Newark mayor and successor to Chris Christie, is hoping to capitalize on the same skills that launched Obama into office. Joe Manchin and Mary Landrieu, are both hoping to appeal to southerners and bring the democratic party to more of a blue dog tilt. Michael Bennet is a long shot, having a hard time breaking out in the crowded field of high profile politicians.

  6. A lot of what you touched on were minor issues that in context of the game, didn't affect it getting started. My primary goal from the very beggining (before knowing how to get it to work) was to simply be able to play it. All the minor work wasn't really a main concern - it could be added later on. Where do you see GOP and Dem goals stated as 51 out of 100? Is that in the html or on the game screen? Because if you look at the screenshots or the actual game, I think it acknowledges what the majority is with how many political units are present.

  7. There was finishing C4E that had to be done, and then suddenly out of nowhere Australia has an election, forcing a need for a new PM4E based on the C4E engine. All that's good and well, but then the Canadian's have to go and have an election, causing a "drop everything, Canada's doing stuff" development schedule. And frankly, with the Australian election now months ago, and the Canadian election having gone by, it would be nice if those two games were finished off all good and proper before work was finished on a game that doesn't even need to come out for another 8 months.

    If President forever 2012 is just going to be a minimal beta, then what is taking so long since it's just minimal?

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  8. The Tea Party decides to form it's own electoral party. Many high-profile Republicans defect to it. The Republican Party is now able to appear more moderate, without having to worry as much about alienating right-wingers.



    Barack Obama

    Hillary Clinton (Off)

    Russ Feingold (Off)

    Mark Warner (Off)

    Dennis Kucinich (Off)

    Alan Grayson (Off)

    Mike Gravel (Off)

    Alvin Greene (Off)

    Bernie Sanders (Off)

    Howard Dean (Off)

    Al Franken (Off)


    Mitt Romney

    Mike Huckabee

    Tim Pawlenty

    Mitch Daniels

    Jon Huntsman

    Lisa Murkowksi

    Olympia Snowe

    Rudy Giuliani

    Michael Bloomberg (Off)

    David Petraeus (Off)

    Newt Gingrich

    Lindsey Graham

    Scott Brown (Off)

    Chris Christie (Off)

    Charlie Crist

    John Cornyn

    Tea Party:

    Sarah Palin

    Ron Paul

    Rand Paul (Off)

    Allen West

    Glenn Beck

    Michelle Bachmann

    Jim DeMint

    Any further ideas, suggestions, and comments?

    Maybe have a progressive or liberal party, them being fed up with the democratic party being moderate (somewhat) on issues. Otherwise I don't see how the GOP or tea party can win if no one is splitting the Democrats.

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