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  1. Just looked over the basics of what the scenario will entail. 99 seats in the assembly, it's going to be a big venture. I'm up for it. But if you were interested in doing another state senate, that would be a change.
  2. Well it really just depends what folder the scenario is in. Not really a big problem. Just check all your folders in documents, otherwise make sure before you edit a scenario you know where it is.
  3. Here's where i'm at now. Incumbent Mitt Romney Challengers: Mike Lee, Rand Paul Democratic: Andrew Cuomo Cory Booker Martin O'malley Joe Manchin Kay Hagan Michael Bennet Possible: Bev Purdue
  4. I didn't include Gillibrand because, like you said, she would support Cuomo. I did put her on the VP list though. Amy Klobuchar is a possibility. But like I said before, politically, Biden and Clinton are going to be for the most part irrelevant in 2016. More Biden then Clinton imo. I found this on Mark Warner back in 2008 on a blog, here's an excerpt. This also applies to Amy Klobuchar:
  5. Susana Martinez. Martin o'malley (on) Kay Hagan (on) Mary Landrieu (off) Kay Hagan is a more viable candidate than Mary Landrieu. Since O'Malley is on, I'm not sure where Booker falls.
  6. I don't think anyone (ie, Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich) will be relevant or politically viable by 2016. If you think back 5 years ago, how different were the national figures at that time. Barack Obama wasn't well known, Palin wasn't around, etc. As hard as it is to look into the future, looking back at the past tells us 5 years from now the national figures and rising stars will be different. Huckabee wasn't that important anyway, and if any year was his time to run it would of been in 2012. Also the question arises, if Romney did win the presidency; who would realistically challenge an incumbe
  7. does anyone have any other likely candidates they want me to include?
  8. I wrote this before but then I erased it by accident. But the scenario is basically Mitt Romney running for re-election after beating Obama in 2012. He bought the economy back up from peril, and the feel good atmosphere of Reagan has spread across America. Even though the tea party is a distant memory, the senators elected aren't. After Mitt ignored social issues and passed cap & trade, Rand Paul & Mike Lee (two of the most social conservatives in senate) are challenging Mitt. Mitt is barely hanging on in the polls. On the democratic side, Andrew Cuomo is in a tight race with Cory Bo
  9. Incumbent Mitt Romney Challengers: Mike Lee, Rand Paul Democratic: Andrew Cuomo Cory Booker Joe Manchin Michael Bennet Mary Landreiu Anyone want this scenario?
  10. It's posted on the theoryspark scenarios page here: http://scenarios.270soft.com/2011/02/03/florida-senate-2012/
  11. I'm guessing it's not going to come out in June? It's still early but I was just wondering.
  12. http://scenarios.270soft.com/2011/06/03/indiana-senatorial-2010/ http://scenarios.270soft.com/2011/06/03/nevada-senatorial-2010/ As for the Wisconsin Senate, it was never set in stone that it would be complete. And since i'm not making anymore scenarios for P408, I guess it will never be put out. The NY scenario will be sent out when Admin gets back to me in regards to a small error.
  13. Besides the NY one, everything has been sent out.
  14. I'm going to be finishing within the next few days a 2012 Presidential election on the congress forever game engine. I'll post screenshots when it's done.
  15. I know the game revolves around presidential elections, but it would be really cool if you could add in a optional feature for a Blanket primary or a runoff election. For statewide scenarios.
  16. A lot of what you touched on were minor issues that in context of the game, didn't affect it getting started. My primary goal from the very beggining (before knowing how to get it to work) was to simply be able to play it. All the minor work wasn't really a main concern - it could be added later on. Where do you see GOP and Dem goals stated as 51 out of 100? Is that in the html or on the game screen? Because if you look at the screenshots or the actual game, I think it acknowledges what the majority is with how many political units are present.
  17. I will also be releasing a independent scenario of NY-26 2011, for anyone who wants that.
  18. Finished working on New York 2010 Congressional scenario. Post email & will send.
  19. If President forever 2012 is just going to be a minimal beta, then what is taking so long since it's just minimal?
  20. Maybe have a progressive or liberal party, them being fed up with the democratic party being moderate (somewhat) on issues. Otherwise I don't see how the GOP or tea party can win if no one is splitting the Democrats.
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