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  1. I think Electability should be added as an issue, alongside Leadership, Integrity, etc.

    Also, you mentioned a while back that the bug that existed in P4E2008 (going from primaries to general election and dropping 30 points) won't occur. My question is, how much do ads and everything during the primaries effect the general election numbers and if Obama runs an ad against say Romney in the primaries will that only effect the primaries or will it also influence the general election?

  2. You could just have a timer, and as time passes, votes come in and the totals change, perhaps where you start with a random amount in one player's direction, and then it gets closer and closer to the final result.

    Wouldn't that be in itself, a voting pattern? Urban and surburban areas (which are more liberal) usually are the first to report and the rural areas (more conservative) are usually the last to report. So if a code could be met to do that, it wouldn't have to be so complicated as to involve county stats.

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  3. According to Ballotpedia, there's a number of Third Parties. I imagine we could just lump the Working Families Party, Independence Party, Conservative Party, and the one Tea Party candidate who ran seperately into a catch-all alternative right-wing camp. There's also the Green Party, which could be the fourth party. I don't know if the one Independent warrants their own party (if they turn out to be right-wing enough, they may even be able to fit into the 'right-wing alternative' group), but Congress Forever cannot handle more than four players.

    New York state allows fusion voting which means candidates can run on multiple lines. For example, a candidate can run on the Democratic line and the working parties and the independent. I would only include the party if candidates ran solely on that line and made a significant difference in how the race played out.

  4. How would C4E cover candidates who break from the party line, BTW? As an example I just read, Democrats for the NYS Senate are in support of same-sex marriage, while Republicans are against. Though, two Republicans who are now elected are for it, and one Democrat against.

    Well we would be doing a 2010 scenario, right? In the 2010 elections both those senators opposed same sex marriage.

  5. Forgive my ignorance on the issue, but what's hydrofracking?

    Hydraulic fracturing is an energy- and water-intensive, highly toxic process whereby methane trapped in impermeable rock (shale and tight sands) might now be mined. Because of this technology, previously inaccessible methane deposits can now be mined.

    It has harmful health effects, as well as the possibility of contaminating the water that New York City and the rest of downstate uses.

  6. We could try the New York State Senate. What were it's big issues in 2010?

    I'm still working on the map.






    Gun Control


    Ground Zero Mosque

    Education Reform


    Ethic Reform

    Job Creation

    Same Sex Marriage


    MTA Tax

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