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  1. here's my person Ambassador to France Powel Shepherd Republican age 56 Home state Pennsylvania Bio Powel Shepherd is the son of the infamous PA governor Henry Shepherd. In 1984 Henry Shepherd selected him to replace the dead former Senator Henry C. Clay. After an uproar Sheppard spent his two years in the Senate quietly however he was overall seen as a good Senator who would compromise. After leaving the Senate Shepherd retired for two years before returning to the post of PA Secretary of State in which he served 4 years. 1993 Sheppard was appointed to Ambassador to Germany by President Br
  2. I found this election interesting would be glad to help
  3. I am hoping to work on this one too maybe i can help
  4. Ok Ridge Whitmere has changed to South Korea.
  5. What do you think is going to happen in the next election? Who will run who will win primaries who will win overall and vice presidential canidates. Just your opinions
  6. Here some canidates L= Leader ship I= Integrity E= Experience D= Debating I= Issue familarity C= Charisma S= Stamina Republican *Drew Raleigh age 36 L= 3 I= 3 E= 4 D= Debating 3 I= 5 C= 3 S= 4 Drew Raleigh is a college Professor of Political Science and also a ghost tour guide in his spare time. Raleigh looking for a new start is running for office. *Zhong Tsetuu age 26 L= 3 I= 3 E= 3 D= Debating 5 I= 5 C= 3 S= 4 Zhong Tsetuu is owner of a local restaurant. His family is from China and was born in New York City. Recently out of Harvard he has decided to put his intelligence to use in
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