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  1. By the time the election is in full swing, the polls themselves are pretty much the approval ratings. If the president is polling high, it would be reasonable to assume their approval ratings are good (or getting better), if the president is suffering, you would assume their approval ratings are equally as such. They would pretty much just store the same information as polls, and add more computational burden to the program.
  2. Although... there is something to that. If you do a speech the day new polls come out, and you've gained a lot of ground, then your character would no doubt be in quite a good mood, so their speech might be full of fire and flare, and ultimately be more effective. While on the other hand, if the polls just went very bad for you, you're demotivated, and feeling down, and any speech will just look sour or desperate. There's something to think about.
  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with the visuals. The game is what it is - a numbers game. It doesn't need flashy graphics or tacky animations. It is, was, and always will be, about the numbers. The layout is fine for all of that. This game has never been about the looks. It's just about the numbers, and the best way to present them. Frankly, and this is just my personal opinion, if your friends are as into politics as they claim, then how shallow do they have to be to turn down a game like this because it doesn't have flashy visuals?
  4. Perhaps another trait candidates should have is "Corporate Friendship". The higher that number, the more money they get from Corporate and PAC fundinding or whatever.
  5. You forgot about unregistereds. A state could be like {50,30,25},20, which would mean 50% of registered voters are D, 30% are I, 25% are R, and 20% aren't even registered. Barnstorming, ads and positive momentum would get unregistered voters to register and maybe join your party. Would make things even more realistic. @Patine It could be done so that you could easily turn off party registration, just like in previous PM4E games you could turn on/off preferences.
  6. So maybe candidates could have a 'type'. If they are a 'President' (ie. incumbent), they'll have the least time to campaign. If they're a 'Governor', they'll have less time than a 'Senator' or a 'Rep' would. *Shrug* Right now though, the feature I'd most like to see is working preferences. PM4E Aus has been without them for far too long.
  7. Winner by popular vote, usual the usual electoral college, modified electoral college (eg. the Pennsylvania thing). What I'd like to see is the option to turn preferrential voting on in P4E. It would in particular make primaries a lot more interesting. Hell, you could go a step further and have preferrential voting in some states, and first past the post in others.
  8. It could be that the state is broken up into individual ridings, but when you campaign/run ads/barnstorm/targeting/etc., you can't do it by individual riding, you do it by state. So the numbers may change within the ridings, but all you can hope to do is work on the state as a whole and hope it carries through to the ridings.
  9. Someone could quite fesably use the new PM4E engine to design something of the sorts. If the engine were modified slightly to allow different ridings to have different weights, and maybe some kind of number for winning an entire state. Yeah, it could work easy.
  10. You're not the only one. A while ago I suggested being able to save election victories in a file which can be read by some program designed to view them. It would show all available data (including things like how much each campaign spent and fundraised, what they spent their funds on, etc.). You could share these files so that others can view (and even compare) campaigns.
  11. I've been thinking about this, and how it would work. Firstly, I think a player should be able to 'save' their final election result, as some kind of file. This way, the more dedicated players can share their saved election files to brag about how awesome they did in much more detail than having just a screenshot. From this, we can then generate more detail about election victories, such as the number of seats changing parties, the overall swing towards/against the incumbent party (of course, data about the previous election will have to be entered into a scenario), and even swings in indivi
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