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  1. Yep - just as surprised, though I was absolutely humping him (and everybody else) with negative ads.
  2. Seven Days Out. State of the race Gillibrand/Warner 49% – 284 (80 safe D, 144 solid D, 60 lean D) Bush/Romney 47% – 220 (49 safe R, 118 solid R, 53 lean R) 34 ECV toss up http://i.imgur.com/6WrpS05.jpg Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, junior Senator from New York, entered the Democrat presidential primaries in August, following the decision by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not to challenge for the nomination. Without Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, who had also passed on a run, or Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who’s Shermanesque statements throughout 2014 had proven true,
  3. I like - teething problems but good base. Echo the issue of Carter being weak, and Ronald R starts with only 1m!
  4. HRC, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren off - it's time to see how deep the bench is. But lo! Sanders! This is incredibly unrealistic (I'd have thought at this point almost every state would be in play and a toss up) How do I fix it, any ideas? http://i.imgur.com/Tv8k9Pr.jpg
  5. My opinions on the Democratic candidates and their provenance; find it a bit easier sometimes to plan future scenarios if you game how they got to the position... President Andrew Cuomo of New York (Elected Gov NY 2010, presume he is re-elected 2014, giving him two years to plan and finance his campaign alongside being NY Gov.) President Mark Warner of Virginia (Elected Sen VA 2008, presume re-election in 2014, and potentially elected President in 2016) Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida (Has to do something in the intervening time, do feel he is a bit too liberal to have a statewide (ie G
  6. Florida, Nevada and Delaware would be my preferences. There are two very interesting articles if you like elections (which I guess, we do, seeing as we're here) http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1110/44714.html http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/nov/07/one-word-preparation/ on how Harry Reid managed to hold the line in NV. (and they do have some lessons for Pres Forever!)
  7. I love your 1988 campaign: win it with Pat Schroeder all the time! I echo the building excitement for a Texas Gubernatorial race. Regards. --R
  8. My record in the Senate in 10. Only upset about California really. But CA, IA, KS, MO, IN, GA the result was within 5%: KS all the way from 32pc behind!
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