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  1. I've done a 1972 scenario that is pretty much done, but I might have to change some things with issues.
  2. Funny, I actually have started working on a '72 scenario this week before seeing this thread. Lester Maddox and Wallace's wife were all I could come up with for crusaders. As far as a veep, it's hard to come up with many if you want to keep it real. Maybe someone like a Dixiecrat senator such as Herman Talmadge of Georgia. I'm not including Wallace as an American Independent candidate in my scenario, but the actual nominee John Schmitz instead. Probably makes things less interesting, I know. Issues are always a problem. I can come up with a bunch (Cambodia, The Gold Standard and the Nixon S
  3. I like the 1988 scenario. Played with Bruce Babbitt last night and ended up winning beating Pat Robertson in the general. I do agree that Robertson is just too strong in this scenario. He seems to beat out Bush all the time (I never play as Bush, but have played as Howard Baker). His winning should be an occasional upset, not the standard.
  4. Seems to me a good way to go about it would be to gauge it based on their issue positions and how close they are to the postions of the region. I'd figure that diehard party followers would base their first choice exactly on the postions they take.
  5. Won in a created (by myself) 2016 scenario (with primaries) on the hard level with Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin/Mark Warner against Condi Rice/Mark Sanford (yeah, I created it AWHILE ago). Basically was running in the primaries against Evan Bayh (who in my game was Obama's VP), Warner, Russ Feingold, Brian Schweitzer and a couple others. Won handily with one of the largest primary sweeps I've ever had. Bayh and Warner came in in a dead heat with a slight lead to Bayh. I only had the lead in South Dakota and was running about 6 percent to open in Iowa Normally I'm able to win Iowa and Nevada and
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