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  1. Haha, it's funny to imagine that the Democrats, after Harris being totally undone in the debates, just canceled the rest of them. Fiorina is an interesting show. In real life, I imagine Pence would be kept on, but in a recent Jeb!2016 playthrough of mine, she became his Veep.
  2. Jacob William Henderson Scottsville, Virginia US Representative, Republican party Henderson generally opposes centralization of power and authority, preferring that society be directed toward an agrarian and self-sustaining ideal. Henderson supports the Constitution and the federal structure of government on practical grounds, seeing the current balance as necessary to prevent some other worse manner of rule. He prefers to see the Constitution as a strict regulation, with no assumed powers that are not explicitly spelled out. He also views monetary institutions and financial sche
  3. My mother described me as exacerbating when I was a kid, so I learned that word pretty early on.
  4. Yes, absolutely. I had the South targeted the whole game and had to go really negative against White. He was a challenge all the way up til I got a scandal against him. Harrison had several comebacks too. I didn't bother competing with Webster and Mangum.
  5. Thanks for making Fillmore a what-if candidate!
  6. Here's my play through as Van Buren. Things pretty much set into place by late September, but it didn't feel overly unbalanced.
  7. Hopefully this uploads correctly, should have the map worked in! United States - 1836m.rar
  8. This is something I might be able to participate in.
  9. I feel it's important to note that this thread is about Paint.NET, which is different from Microsoft Paint, but which was created in Microsoft code framework (the .NET framework). As for Mac alternatives, I would second the suggestion of GIMP. It has a little higher learning curve, but it is a great program.
  10. It's no problem at all! You are very welcome.
  11. The map you've attached has some artefacting that might be causing the problems. I've taken the liberty of making all the black lines a consistent color and removed the glow throughout the image. This should work better for your purposes. mapIRE.bmp
  12. I re-downloaded that myself and it came out as all 1832, but here's another upload just in case. United States - 1832m.rar
  13. I thought winner of last election helped to determine who Congress votes for if they have to elect the President.
  14. Scenario with map attached below! I've been playing through as Clay. United States - 1832m.rar
  15. Hey-ho! Glad this is rolling again. I probably have the map already finished, just have to add it to the scenario tomorrow.
  16. Lyly

    Alberta - 1935

    Calgary reminds me a lot of Oklahoma.
  17. Lyly

    North Korea war

    DPRK seems to be officially signalling its intent to normalize relations, using nuclear capabilities as a bargaining chip. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/kim-jong-un-wants-to-sign-peace-treaty-with-trump-report
  18. Lyly

    North Korea war

    Good point. I don't think Japan would actually risk war, but the threat of North Korea is a damn good excuse to get those amendments wiped away.
  19. Lyly

    North Korea war

    I still don't believe a renewed war will break out on the Korean peninsula - hostilities, perhaps, but not outright war. I would bet any hostilities would be largely limited to naval and air skirmishes. Any war worth fighting in Korea would require the cooperation of the Republic of Korea, and they simply will not accept war with China - to the extent that I even think South Korea would try to avoid outright dominating the North in any such military conflict. I know that RoK and the US just renewed the war-time command agreement, but I also really just don't see how the US could seriously
  20. This is kind of the point I was trying to avoid, but it's summed up in the Communist Manifesto. I understand you feel that communism is "dead in the water", but I don't feel that way. In essence, I favor making democracy real by eliminating the possibility or even incentive within the economic system for 1) wealth-hoarding, 2) the formation of classes, and 3) ecological destruction. That argument has gone round and round for over 200 years and I don't think it would benefit this forum to go over it again. It may seem fatalistic, but I don't know what else to offer you. Capitalism is not a g
  21. I mean, I would have to disagree with you, but I'm sure you knew that already. I would say we are very much within a capitalist system still and your 'corporatism' is not any different from capitalism, just one of the stages. It's an expression of one of the inherent contradictions. That is, that capitalism, by encouraging competition in the marketplace naturally produces monopolies out of whatever most successfully dominated the market, yet monopolies are inherently counter to the need within the market for competition. Even ignoring a bunch of other theoretical crap like the concept of dimin
  22. When I'm looking for historical images on google, I often find the "similar to this" link to be helpful. Sometimes it's just another rabbithole you don't want to be in, but sometimes it is a rabbithole of everything you were looking for. Google is really a mixed bag...
  23. I am absolutely in agreement that greater gun control is a necessary political goal in the US now (I feel I should get that out of the way first), but I think an even bigger issue is the failure in American popular discourse to address deeper problems that are catalyzed through gun violence, but which exist even without guns. It's interesting that you are coming from a British perspective on this, because it's been the British example that I feel I've learned a lot from. Specifically, it is my understanding that the same antagonisms that characterize violence of all sorts here in the US are
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