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  1. ((Oops, my bad. That's okay, I didn't want to play a President. But I apologize to everyone else!))
  2. ((Holy crap! Federalists will either rule forever or go down in flames. I'm surprised we got re-elected! Congrats, Prez! By the way, is it fair to assume that the Massachusetts protest vote was just for another Federalist closer to their line? The same thing happened with George Clinton being nominated as an alternate Democratic-Republic OTL, right? I just say this in the hopes of staving off a third party - unless folks want to run as Tories also?))
  3. Vice President Baldwin pledges his support to re-elect President Bunt and urges unity in the party and the country behind our national hero.
  4. lol ((Let's kill off Baldwin at a nice ripe age so he can see the world burn. Age of 92 would put him to 1862. So let's say he's born: April 27, 1770, in Murderkill Hundred, Delaware (yes, that's a real place); died: December 9, 1862)) (edit, misspelled the name)
  5. ((Baldwin was born 1770. 1807 was the most recent gubernatorial in Delaware, so he won't be finishing that term.))
  6. ((Wow! That was a close one indeed. Federalists are pretty interesting in this timeline, especially because they've just elected another President out of Virginia from their own party. Neither Pres nor Veep are even from New England, also. All in all, this seems like kind of a last-ditch effort for the Federalists. Things could get pretty nasty if our administration can't pull it off.)) ((Yeah, it seems the Presidents have been historically on-track so far. Electing another Federalist is probably the biggest single divergence we'll have taken so far. The political implications in this timeline are pretty interesting.))
  7. Silas Baldwin Governor, State of Delaware Federalist Governor Baldwin seeks to be a unifying force between sectional interests and runs for President on a platform of sovereignty, prosperity, and liberty. In financing the young federal government, Baldwin would approve of new tariffs only if economic conditions worsened and has made a point to praise the fiscal dexterity of the Aldrige administration. The Governor has put forward the possibility that if new tariffs are to be enacted on behalf of northern interests, that certain Southern ports be exempted from such additional taxes. Additionally, new tariffs would be approved only for case-by-case imports and would be limited in time and scope to accommodate a single specified purpose. Internationally, free trade must be guaranteed and over-reliance on British trade would be curtailed, where appropriate, to avoid dependency in the future. France and Britain are viewed as equally important trading partners, but neither are to be trusted to guarantee access to the international economy or to impress upon the rights of our merchants. New negotiations should be opened with the British court to ensure American access to fishing waters and to begin to clear up the messy borders in the frontier. Privately, Baldwin would like to investigate the possibility of acquiring Canada as a whole, eliminating the border problem altogether. The pirates of the Barbary Coast should be quelled once and for all as soon as our navy is built and trained. Baldwin advocates western expansionism and has called for a system of forts across the frontier to pacify the territorial regions. The US Army should secure what territory has been cleared already with these forts and by constructing roads into the new Western region. If, and as, funding for the military and related expenses decreases, future funding should focus on building infrastructure - ports, canals, and roads, in order of importance. Public lands in the territories should be allotted favorably to any military veterans and their families and sold cheaply to all others. Baldwin would seek to establish a national land sales agency to handle the payments received. Additional funds from these sales would offset debt payments and could be used to support immigration to Louisiana by English-speakers. Governor Baldwin also favors re-opening immigration restrictions and possibly pushing for a return to shorter residency requirements to become a naturalized American citizen. ((Sorry for the late reply. I've had this guy drawn up for a while and was waiting for the right election, but I don't care if its used for Pres or Veep.))
  8. Right, that's what I'm saying as well. It's my argument that Moon and Kim and probably China as well read the writing on the wall about Trump re: launching a war in North Korea, which goes against the long-term goals of all three of those powers (all three want to integrate slowly and avoid war or other upsets) and figured that the best way to avoid that was to paint him into a corner by re-igniting peace talks. The talks in Korea right now are exceptionally low-risk. Talks happen all the time and the same shit has been discussed over and over again since the 1990s (though I will say there's been a lot more legwork accompanying these talks than most others in the past, and especially a lot of sign of commitment from North Korea; usually its South Korea putting up all goods). On the other hand, avoiding the US President unilaterally involved everyone in a pointless and devastating war is high-reward. In the end, China and both Koreas have played their hands exceptionally well and proven that American leadership in the peninsula is not ultimate anymore. That's not so great for Trump, in fact, so I am not surprised that everyone is offering up him up as peacemaker as some kind of a conciliation for such an embarrassment.
  9. This. But also, I don't attribute a single bit of the talks between the Koreas to President Trump. If anything, the talks occurred precisely in spite of him.
  10. ((Thanks for the updates and dedicate, everyone!))
  11. ((Jacob William Henderson, born: 1736 died: 1802))
  12. Former Vice President Henderson sends congratulations to President-Elect Aldridge.
  13. ((Wow! A lot happened today. This has never happened in American history - a sitting President being elected Vice President is, well, unprecedented in the US. It has happened elsewhere, but not under these circumstances. And once again, we have a President and Vice President of opposing parties - again, having this happen twice never happened in the US. It's good story-telling and is really interesting. I think what would happen realistically, assuming a literal civil war doesn't break out, is that Congress would strengthen its position against the executive branch and try to devalue the importance and centrality of the Presidency as much as possible. It's a real messy situation, and clearly the Constitution needs to be modified if things are to move on peacefully.))
  14. ((Good stuff! This is going to be another exciting election))
  15. ((No. Traditionally, the vast majority of US Federal income has been from the tariffs and interstate consumption taxes, while income for states and municipalities was in the form of property taxes. Before the early 1900s, income tax as a concept was in a constitutional gray area and was still experimental. But it also made sense in a mostly rural nation (the US was not even 50% urban-based until the 1920 Census), whereas in today's more urban society, most people's wealth is through their wages, not land. One of the hold-overs of the old use of property taxes in the US is the way school funding works - towns with rich property-owners have better schools, rural and inner-city districts don't have a tax base to draw from, so have less money per student for schools. When public schools were first introduced, it was the latter 1800s and income taxes and other modern fiscal structures did not yet exist.)) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e0/Federal_taxes_by_type.pdf
  16. ((My precious Constitutional limitations!))
  17. Sounds good. It just gives people who'd like to contribute a little more time to get their ideas out.
  18. Seems like big states versus small states this election.
  19. I mean, the scale it self is pretty obviously biased toward putting people on the leftist side, for whatever reason. I've seen this chart used since the mid 2000s or so and the green area has always dominated.
  20. Jacob William Henderson Scottsville, Virginia US Representative, Republican party Henderson, though aging and thinking of retirement before long himself, has given his assent to be nominated again. In previous years, Henderson proved himself a hard-liner anti-Federalist, but his views on the constitutionality of the federal government's abilities have softened somewhat. Henderson has come to echo the Bunt position in seeking a professional army separate from the state militias and supports a federal capital outside the bounds of any state as well. He also calls for the establishment of a navy, in order to stave off harassment of American sailors and trade routes, as well as strengthening foreign policy credentials. Henderson wants to encourage migration westward.
  21. Take care! ((Is the President able to appoint members to the cabinet from the player pool? How would a Secretary of State as candidate be handled?))
  22. I'll do my best to contribute. Here are some thoughts: For Texas, add the Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. Lieutenant Governors in Texas have a lot of power (nominally more power than the Governor), and Dan Patrick has been a very public and outspoken one anyway. He's been present in state and national political news, so I feel it's a good argument to include him. You could have his issue be either LGBTQ rights or Education, those are his two big issues in the State since being elected. I'm not sure that anyone else should be added in Texas. For Oklahoma, if you're looking for a Democrat, I'd say John Sparks. He is the State Senate minority leader, but is very cooperative and influential with state Republicans, while also voicing plenty of criticisms. Because of his position, he appears in the news often, if briefly. His issue could be Government Spending or Education. For Louisiana, Steve Scalise (US Representative, Republican), is the Majority Whip in the House of Representatives. He was shot at the baseball game attack and later returned to office. His issue could be Gun Control, as that's what he seems to be focused on right now IRL. Another for Louisiana is Cedric Richmond (US Representative, Democratic), represents New Orleans and was chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. He also happens to be " best player to ever participate" in the Congressional Baseball Game. Not sure about issues for him - he was on the Committee on Homeland Security?
  23. Representative Henderson returns to the House, pledging his efforts to resisting "Federalist" obscenities against natural society. ((Excellent map, @Conservative Elector 2 !))
  24. Haha, it's funny to imagine that the Democrats, after Harris being totally undone in the debates, just canceled the rest of them. Fiorina is an interesting show. In real life, I imagine Pence would be kept on, but in a recent Jeb!2016 playthrough of mine, she became his Veep.
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