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  1. Could you resend this to me please ichenben@gmail.com
  2. I have two Name: Governor Max Baldwin (Democrat) Age: 56 Home State: North Dakota Bio: Max Baldwin was a US General in charge in Qumam after two years Baldwin was infuriated with President Thune and resigned his post as General. Since than he was a network newscaster for LNMC a liberal network. He recently was elected to Governor of North Dakota despite the state's conservative record. Can Baldwin win? Stats: Leadership: 4 Experience: 3 Integrity: 4 Issue Familiarity: 2 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 3 Debating: 2 Crusaders: Amy Baldwin PIP: 0 Power: 1 Actor Brad Kingsly PIP: 4 Power: 3 P
  3. Heres some canidates i thought of Republican Matt Brennemack age 34 L= 4 I= 5 E= 3 D= Debating 5 I= 3 C= 3 S= 3 Matt Brennemack is a young attorney. Recently he has prsecuted the current mayor will Brennemacks stance of law and order help him win? JH Griffith age 30 L= 3I= 3 E= 3 D= Debating 5 I= 4 C= 3 S= 4 JH Griifth is a history teacher at a local public school. ready for a change from the tiring school job he sees that politics is well suited for him since it is so much like school life. Democratic Jessica Swanson age 27 L= 3I= 3 E= 3 D= Debating 5 I= 4 C= 3 S= 4 The daughter of
  4. I like the ideas im aiming for 3 to 5 people for each party. Also when the vote total reaches 21 I will close the vote for the city pick. THANKS MODERATE
  5. Im not sure if i want real people however i may make the option available. Also help select the starting city in the POLL thanks MODERATE also help create the canidates and cities
  6. it appears PA has won the voting. Now i will need canidates for the state and what city should be used or area Thanks MODERATE
  7. I myself am working on a career scenario. Unlike Matty's i will not use New York. The state is to Liberal and biased towards the Democrats. These states in the poll are swing states that way it is more fair. Mayor or State House or Senate US Congressman (possibly the ability to become speaker thus skipping the next part.) Senator or Governor President Maybe UN Secretary General All ideas are welcome. Please suggest cities
  8. I have the scenario completed but after the first turn i get list of index bounds 4
  9. The best way to determine canidates percentages are as follows 1.Moderate Republicans have high percentages in the north and the far west and swing states Conservative Republicans South and midwest 2.Liberal Democrats North far west, some parts of the midwest Moderate Democrats swing states mid west and south\ Good luck
  10. Im starting work on this i think i will give harding a large amount of PIPS and very powerful crusaders. Also any endorsers or issues are needed
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