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  1. I am just wondering if a new update was coming out or not one was said to be coming quite a while back!
  2. I was wondering if with the coalition parties if perhaps they should all be running their separate campaigns... I know there was only one National leader and one Liberal Leader But the Nationals and Liberals ran against each other in several seats. It was actually the Liberal National Party running in all the seats in Queensland and It was the Country Liberal Party running in seats in the Northern Territory. Though they all work together they are all separate parties.
  3. Just noticed that on the Seat of Wentworth that it still says that Malcolm Turnbul is the leader of the Opposition. That needs to be removed.
  4. The Liberals and Nationals run against each other in several seats this time around and one of the controversial results of the election was that Wilson Tuckey the sitting Liberal member for O'Connor in Western Australia lost his seat to the Nationals Candidate. The two parties have a very strong Coalition but they are separate parties with slightly different philosophies.
  5. I keep forgetting to mention but it bugs me, on election night the states report left to right, by that I mean west to east. In Australia the states would report right to left, "East to West" often with the first results coming in from Tasmania because of it lower population.
  6. If you really want a leader of the Independents if you are going to keep them all as one party then I would suggest Rob Oakeshott he seems to have been calling more of the shots in negotiations.
  7. There were actually alot more than 12 independents running in the Australian Election and as I expected the 4 that were elected did not all end up voting the same way because they are independents and not a party.
  8. to 9. I think Bob Brown needs to be the Greens Leader even though is not a candidate for the lower house, was not known outside of the electorate that he was running. to 10. I would question having a IND leader at all as they weren't running an organised campaign between them, in many ways they should be four separate parties with each only running one candidate in the electorates in which they were running. On another note it would be good to be able to have a negotiation process when the result in the game is a hung parliament. Then how you've treated those four independents if they win b
  9. The Numbers do seem to be alot better now, I hope as it develops that it does allow for preference voting as preferences had a big impact in this election in Australia. It was the preferences in many seats that caused them to change hands.
  10. I hope that the final version of this new Prime Minister Forever - Australia can reflect the actual results that have happened here in Australia this year! I expect we'll probably be going to the polls again within a year!
  11. Hi thanks for getting this out before the Australian election I know the election was called in a rather quick fashion. I like the new layout but obviously it is beta. The program does not seem to be running preferencing? The candidates are still the ones from the 2007 election There are crusaders like "Obama" going around? (Obama still has not visited Australia though he has planned about 4 trips to Australia and cancelled all of them) There are more than four parties running in this election and each of them will I expect have a major impact on who wins today. Also the number of voters
  12. Hi Anthony, I've started playing this beta version, there are alot mistakes with candidates. Also will there be more than four parties in the final version? Where or how can I help in improving it?
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