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  1. Let me know if I can help out! I have a good amount of issue images, a lot of logos for alternative parties, and I'm pretty good at making candidate images that are really nice looking (or at least I think so).
  2. I'm interested too! I've been thinking a lot about the US as a multi-party system as well, though I can only imagine it occurring if the US had a parliamentary system. (Quick question: are you using the US idea of center for the Liberal Party or closer to a European idea of center). Some proposed candidates: Socialist: Bernie Sanders Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ayanna Pressley Elizabeth Warren Alliance: Nancy Pelosi Andrew Cuomo Gavin Newsom Chuck Schumer Liberal Party: Joe Manchin John Bel Edwards Susan Collins
  3. Curious what people think about this scenario: Imagine it's 5-10 days before the Democratic Convention starts and Joe Biden has a stroke, rendering him incapacitated. Who would the DNC/delegates run to as their pick for the nomination? Things to Consider: Would it matter if/who Biden announced as his running mate? Would the party aim for someone who is seen as a party unifying figure (a la Biden himself)? How much would the general political conditions (economy, Covid, protests) make a significant impact on the decision? Would it need to be someone seen as a caret
  4. MrPrez9051

    Who is your VP?

    Adam Kinzinger Will Hurd (so sad that he's leaving the House) Nikki Haley Jeb Bush Susan Collins Condoleezza Rice (not that she'd ever agree to the job for anyone)
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see more scenarios for Australia!
  6. Very interesting idea! Can't wait to see what it looks like
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