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  1. I would appreciate both as well. nathanielmarshac@aol.com
  2. any chance you could email a zipped folder version to nathanielmarshac@aol.com .rar doesn't work for me
  3. Title: Attorney General Name: Frederick Lawson Age: 66 Party: Republican Political Influence Points: 20 State: Connecticut County: Tolland Starting Funds: $2,500,000 Description: He's the first Republican attorney general in years and now Frederick Lawson is desiring a promotion. He's already won statewide office before but now he's hoping for a huge victory in the Governorship race. He's quite the character with a high score in charisma but his willingness to win and desire to stop at nothing have produced millions of skeletons in his closet. Avatar: George H.W. Bush How Well Know
  4. Title: Fmr. Senator Name: Christine Lewis Age: 52 Party: Democrat Political Influence Points: 20 State: Connecticut County: Windham Starting Funds: $2,000,000 Description: As the first female Senator of Connecticut, Lewis retired after one term to seek the governorship. She's popular statewide but the party hacks who occupy the smoke-filled rooms are not as enthusiastic about her candidacy. Can she defy the wishes of party insiders and win the nomination? Avatar: Jennifer Granholm How Well Known: Very High Established: 5 Leadership: 4 Integrity: 2 Experience: 5 Issues: 3 Char
  5. Title: Congresswoman Name: Kelly Winters Age: 46 Party: Democrat Political Influence Points: 20 State: Connecticut County: Hartford Starting Funds: $1,000,000 Description: Congresswoman Kelly Winters is a young, ambitious representative ready to do more with her political career. She has the support of hidden Democratic Party operatives and is the front runner for Governor. Avatar: Hilda Solis How Well Known: High Established: 4 Leadership: 4 Integrity: 3 Experience: 3 Issues: 3 Charisma: 4 Stamina: 4 Debating: 3 Basic Political Views: Left on Social Issues, Center-Left on
  6. Title: Mr. Name: Burt Campbell Age: 50 Party: Green Political Influence Points: 5 State: Connecticut County: New London Starting Funds: $250,000 Description: A public school teacher, Burt Campbell is running to reform the Connecticut public school system as governor. Avatar: Michael Banarik How Well Known: Very Low Established: 2 Leadership: 3 Integrity: 5 Experience: 1 Issues: 3 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 4 Debating: 2 Basic Political Views: FL on everything Crusaders: his sister, Margaret Campbell
  7. Romney should have 5 Experience. I know Emanuel was Chief of Staff but he should be 3. Hillary and Biden should be 4 not 5 in experience. Feingold/Brown should also be 3 not 4.
  8. A centrist isn't going to challenge Romney - Romney would be challenged from the right. Emanuel won't run and the only of your possibles that I would include = Gillibrand and Brown.
  9. How I've done it: You have to run Campaigns forever as an administrator. the only way to access an old scenario (at least, how I did it) is run campaigns forever normally (not as an administrator). Pick a different scenario and go to edit a candidate's picture. Go to the scenarios when looking for a new picture and you should see the scenario you were working on. right-click and send it to the recycling bin. go to the recycling bin and hit restore. hope this makes sense.
  10. Please add Christine Todd Whitman. nathanielmarshac@aol.com
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