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  1. I've found a useful link (in German) for all Reichstags elections from 1919-1933. You can also view the results in the different German states. http://www.gonschior.de/weimar/Preussen/Uebersicht_RTW.html Click "Deutsches Reich", "Preu├čen", "Th├╝ringen" (on the right) and so on and then on top of the page "Reichstag".
  2. Yes, since the cities were usually strongholds of the KPD and SPD (proportionally more workers lived in the cities) Quite a lot of newspapers were in the hand of conservative/imperial Hugenberg a member of the DNVP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Hugenberg Don't make it that easy, they did not have a coaltion. In fact most DNVP members were quite sceptical about the "redneck" NSDAP Definitely. The "Zentrum" hardly gained over 1% in Protestant areas or wasn't even on the ballot. Catholicism had also an effect on the NSDAP.Catholics were a bit more resistant to the Nazi party than Pr
  3. The download does not work anymore. Can you reupload it please or send it via e-mail to me? frank-drechsler@gmx.net Thank you very much.
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