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  1. For updated issues I'll await 270soft's updating. Further I'd argue that the Governor Elections are influenced by the Federal Elections, to the average voter it is just one big pot. While individual Governors do not mention these issues and they cannot control them, through the media and the parties themselves, it does affect them and voting behaviour. The platform in this game represents the party platform, not the platform of individuals. Whether the wording is or isnt in need of change I'd have to look in to, I didnt pay notice to it. Updated the release, correcting the third party error and cleaning up the files a bit. The gray state selection problem remains.
  2. I made a scenario where you battle for the governorships. It's an initial release, especially note that Kansas and Alaska are off their rockers (third party thing) and that selecting "gray" states will not show you its governor seat, but show the Alabama race instead. http://www.mediafire.com/download/c7ni78pt5axq97l/Governors_-_2014.rar
  3. Hi Anthony, My last version of Congress Forever seems to have a graphical bug where text becomes fuzzy. When I move the mouse or click, it sometimes disappears. Note the polling screen on the right: http://home.scarlet.be/spb382/bug.png Any help would be appreciated. Greetings, Alexander Willems
  4. That was a placeholder, at the time I did the file the first time the primary hadnt ended yet. Will change it now. Thanks!
  5. Still not sure about AZ, the other things are corrected.
  6. So far I spotted (mentioned) errors in Connecticut, Michigan, Texas and New Jersey. I havent seen Indiana do anything weird, but AZ doesnt even start as it is set up so that will take a deep long look. In a few hours, I'll give the corrections. Further I cant deny its challenging, I couldnt win the 2010 scenario as either party in the first few days I finished it, while I do tend to win other 270soft games by large margins on hard.
  7. I'll take a look later today. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. A new version with decent polling. Link updated.
  9. The numbers indeed dont fit, its because I mass-copied in percentages.xml Its indeed a good option, though with some races polls are so far back that I honestly dont know why they still take them into account. July-August averages okay, May-August averages = less okay. I'm first going to fix the pops in the "off-year races" the variable off-year does not shut down voting on election day apparently. I also kinda forgot what party_majority refers to. Is it the number of housies in that state? Or the state legislature?
  10. The first few steps towards a senate 2012 scenario. Percentages still need doing. Needs some testing to know the scenario is robust and functioning correctly. Edit: new version - CN, MI, NJ, TX fixed https://rapidshare.com/files/224462257/SenateUnitedStates2012.rar
  11. Well whatever the weird thing was between June and December 2007, that wasnt a caretaker government. But Verhofstadt III was inaugurated and so was later Leterme I. And in game terms, Verhofstadt III certainly contributed to the experience and image of said PM. And Hello
  12. Example: New York: 46% for Dewey, 45% for Truman, 8.3% for Wallace. Wallace did cost Truman Electoral Votes and could have cost him more, see California and Ohio. Do your search next time.
  13. As a Belgian, I can tell you that Verhofstadt served three terms. The purple-green coalition from 1999 to 2003, the purple coalition from 2003 to 2007 and the blue-orange coalition from dec. 2007 to march 2008.
  14. Yea Claire and Kendrick are my typo's. Sorry for that. Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman are counted as democrats, because they caucus with the democrats. Makes it easier to identify the majority you've won.
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