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  1. sorry for the delay. the ridings are like SUPER hard. Am going as fast as I can.
  2. we demand a campaigns forever UK version! haha
  3. 'Lead' = led btw. yeah sounds like fun
  4. COMPLETION IS IMMINENT, JUST NEED TO FINISH THESE BLOODY RIDINGS ANYONE FANCY TESTING IT? //Asylum + Immigration Immigration has been excellent for Britain, more rights for minorities. Labour must defend the most vulnerable Asylum seekers. Some immigration has been beneficial, strong border controls. Labour should be tougher on immigrants undercutting wages. Labour lied to people over the scale of immigration. @ //New Labour's Record New Labour betrayed the poor and rewarded the Bankers, good riddance. Iraq and the 10p tax fiasco were catastrophic, forget New Labour, move on!. We m
  5. Its pretty much all about bashing all the info in on notepad mate... sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You can enable coalitions on one of the files... Its quite crap though actually because all the parties join together in the first few weeks (ie. Respect-Sinn Fien, UKIP-BNP)... Even if you have a lab lib or con lib coalition I don't think it makes any difference to who the winner is. The Treasurer of the PC has a great scenario tips post, somewhere on his topics.
  6. I wonder if you could send on normanwisdomii@hotmail.co.uk Loving Germany at the moment must admit
  7. Labour may (IRL) have been able to prevent an outright majority and form a Lab-Lib-SNP coalition until the economy (may) have picked up perhaps in 1981 This should be possible on UK1979 If you want to go further UK-1978: Callaghan called a snap election when the poll positions were about even between Labour and the Tories Good scenario though
  8. Brushed aside Clinton and Pelosi in the primaries only to find a difficult challenge in Huckabee for the general election. I took him for granted for a long time and found myself trailing in the polls come October. I was sure come election night eve that it was all over but nevertheless I ran two ads one on my experience and the other attacking Huckabee on Abortion, that week I had also released my only scandal on him. Uploaded with ImageShack.us That was an uninspiring election and one I did not deserve to win. However I couldn't help thinking this was somehow revenge for 2000
  9. Link does not work. could you send it to normanwisdomii@hotmail.co.uk? what is it for pfe+p? or another
  10. The reason I think the nationalists will perform badly is that Plaid have quite weak leadership and are poorly funded and the SNP are likely to be beaten in the Scots Parliament next year and under Salmond should go on to a large defeat in 2015. With what has happened to Ireland recently I don't think separatism will have quite the same appeal any more. The Northern Irish population is only a tiny percentage of Britain and turnout is low there. If Farage and Griffin have the audacity to hold on to leadership of their respective parties they too will be thrashed.
  11. 2015 Con: 42 (ringing endorsements of Cameron from the Murdoch Empire) Lab: 41 (beneficiary from Liberal collapse, surge in support in the cut devastated north) Lib: 12 (the obvious reasons) Oth: 5 (People will realise how important the election is, so will refrain from wasting their votes) Conservative Majority of 60 (due to boundary changes in their favour)
  12. I'm interested, what does everyone think the next general election result will be? Give a date for the election A percentage for each party and the majority that the winner will enjoy do it!
  13. do you not hate it on British pm 2010 when in the last week both other candidates run a successful attack ad on you, giving you momentum -20 and you loose 150 odd seats which you toiled throughout the campaign to win? happened for the 4th consecutive time now, just get f**ked in the a**e by my opponents
  14. Hows about this Name: Governor Marjory-Caroline Binton (Rep) Age: 35 Home State: Oklahoma Bio: Recently elected as governor of Oklahoma, Marjory is a controversial former housewife and mother of six. In office she halved the rate of tax for the highest earners and tried to privatise social security as well as narrowly missing out on passing a bill to outlaw masturbation. Her platform will be based around large tax cuts for the richest AND a balanced federal budget as well as taking American society back to the more culturally conservative land it was before the 1960's. Many see her mental
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