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  1. Played it again, Wonk on Hard no cheats and no exploits and got a 530 to 8 Electoral College win for my ticket of Obama/Clinton against Guliani/Romney with 64.9% of the vote. Utah and Wyoming are really tough to take as a Democrat, I might try again I think I made quite a few mistakes with money early and could have done better. I've got screenshots but need to setup a photobucket or whatever account.
  2. Hi Gax23, I have a thread open on this with a poll so please go vote or comment there also please, I'm hoping to generate a discussion on this. I also very strongly agree that something like this is a huge sell.
  3. Maybe you could have the option to hire a campaign manager and have 5 varieties: Incompetent: costs nothing, -2 CP/turn. Mediocre: small cost, -1 CP/turn. Average: medium cost, +0 CP/turn. Heavyweight: large cost, +1 CP/turn. Superstar: massive cost, +2 CP/turn. Basically you'd be taking campaign organization and using campaign staff (manager, etc.) to model it. Rather than having the actual candidate work on the campaign strategy the campaign staff would.
  4. Finished the Scenario. Ended up with 87.1% of the vote on election day so I did fall slightly, still a pretty awesome result though.
  5. Fun with the Wonk Scenario. My Barack Obama/Hilary Clinton ticket, Hard no cheats got kind of stupid. It's May 12th 2008 and I have 87.3% of the Vote, Giuliani has 12.5% of the Vote and 0.2% is undecided. That's a whole lot of months for basically nothing to happen. I have a lock on every state in the general, and the primaries aren't even finished yet (although both winners are known).
  6. I'd like to see a media markets approach to add buys also. I'd also like to see being able to buy rating points for an add and have the effectiveness be the # of Ratings Points * Strength of the Ad. Ultimately I'd like to see states broken down into smaller units also. Ideally you'd have 1 or 2 parts for a small state, and 3 to 10 parts for a big state (10 being say California, 3 being Tennessee). These parts would be grouped into regions and ideally you'd have regional issues (taking the ethanol pledge in Iowa affecting the great plains for instance). The map interface would likely have 4
  7. The feature I'd like to see most is voter loss. This would be a way for scandals to move voters from committed to swaying and swaying to undecided as the results of scandals/attack ads etc. Long campaigns have serious flaws in this game, which can be exposed by playing with fog of war off. In my 2008 primaries campaign Florida had 0.0% undecided voters before the conventions occurred, and pretty much the entire electoral map was set, which really killed a lot of the fun in campaigning, and created many turns of nothing at all happening. There needs to be some way to have campaign effects
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