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  1. I like the idea of doing it via CDs.
  2. This is propably nothing, but I was very pleased with this run in the 1992 Thatcher fights on scenario. First try of a complete UK scenario, not sure what I am doing but it worked, I guess.
  3. See the images below. It is organized in an orderly fashion in the scenario order, but the loading screen is completely bonkers. @PatineI did according to your suggestion and it didnt change things, unfortunately.
  4. This might be kind of a weird question, but is there a feature to show the scenarios in a chronological order in the selection screen? In my folder, I have named them such as "UK - 2015", "UK - 2017", but once I open the game itself, it looks completely random. Cheers
  5. This might be an odd and/or dumb question, but I am having a tough time figuring out the difference between the UK and the Canadian Infinity Game. Are the mechanics exactly the same, "just" the countries are different, but since its an awful amount of work its two separate games? There is the 2019 Israel Scenario around for UK Infinty, but the author is also posting to work in the CAN subforum. Hence why I am a bit confused. Also: what does K4E stand for? Kanzler 4 ever? Cheers
  6. Congratulations, sounds like a fun ride!
  7. Very intriguing, I must say! I spacebarred an entire election with the Invisibles and Republicans won 171 to Progressives' 79. The issues are looking awesome. Something completly new, congratulations.
  8. My absolut uber awesome C4E Senate as Republican. Move over, John Boehner. Mitch is now running the show. Don't ask me how I did that ... had the luck to get three high profile scandals on Dems. Democrats just dropped dead. This one was hilarious. California decided the election and Obama won by a mere 9,000 votes. I guess this one would be in for a recount. And this one: Santos won the popular vote, but Walken owned the House in this scenario. He was elected.
  9. The whole thing started with a brutal and nasty primary against Condoleezza Rice. She started well ahead off me, but I crawled ahead and narrowly won the primary. On the Democratic side Brown was the clear frontrunner, but somehow his campaign implded and Garamendi pulled ahead. The general election was frustrating. This whole scenario must have been one of the most frustrating, ever! Just look at the final results. Garamendi - Whitman EV: 1278 - 1146 Popular Vote: 48,2% - 51,8% Despite a 3.6 point difference in the popular vote, Garamendi won the election. It was a tight race, but
  10. Downloaded and will give it a try. Just keep the scenarios coming.
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