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  1. I like the idea of doing it via CDs.
  2. This is propably nothing, but I was very pleased with this run in the 1992 Thatcher fights on scenario. First try of a complete UK scenario, not sure what I am doing but it worked, I guess.
  3. See the images below. It is organized in an orderly fashion in the scenario order, but the loading screen is completely bonkers. @PatineI did according to your suggestion and it didnt change things, unfortunately.
  4. This might be kind of a weird question, but is there a feature to show the scenarios in a chronological order in the selection screen? In my folder, I have named them such as "UK - 2015", "UK - 2017", but once I open the game itself, it looks completely random. Cheers
  5. This might be an odd and/or dumb question, but I am having a tough time figuring out the difference between the UK and the Canadian Infinity Game. Are the mechanics exactly the same, "just" the countries are different, but since its an awful amount of work its two separate games? There is the 2019 Israel Scenario around for UK Infinty, but the author is also posting to work in the CAN subforum. Hence why I am a bit confused. Also: what does K4E stand for? Kanzler 4 ever? Cheers
  6. I can't download it for some reason, but I'd love to try it.
  7. Congratulations, sounds like a fun ride!
  8. Sorry, the post was written out of anger, after a scenario crashed that looked very promising. It almost always happens when wanting do donate to a candidates' campaign, after having donated to a large sum of other campaigns, too. I should note, that I normally mod more money for both NRCC and DCCC, b/c I want giant money battles. Maybe that has something to do with it, but it happens absolutely randomly when klicking on the "donate" button. If I'm lucky, I get to play an entire scenario, if not, it'll crash at some random point. EDIT: Happened for the first time when wanting to target a se
  9. I'm getting quite a lot of "invalid handle" again which is very annoying, since save/load doesn't work for me, as well - never has in C4E.
  10. Rahm Emanuel for Governor (although it'd propably be a demotion)
  11. Oh boy, oh, boy! House 2012? Instant download. Must play! Thanks a million, I had given up hope on you updating Congress 4Ever. Now only add that neat little info (incumbents losing, seats changing) that you have for the Senate to the House scenarios, and I'll declare you gods. EDIT: Ran a scenario, here are a couple of things (1) Unable to research scandals, was stuck at 1% all the time, while the Democrats released a scandal on my (2) (noticed the same in the Senate scenario) Every single attack ad is doomed to fail. I had positive momentum in like 20 races, one accidental backfiring ne
  12. The 2012 Senate Scenario has Wilson winning by 20% from the beginning in NM. Being a partisan hack, I like it, but it's not realistic. Can't wait for the 2012 House Election Scenario!!
  13. *cough, cough* How's that "We're calling 'State XY'" feature coming that we've been promised?
  14. I like the sound of that! One major improvement for C4E would be to get the House scenario the same "incumbent casualties" tracker that the Senate scenario has.
  15. *gasp* How could I have missed the release of this? Downloading this instant.
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