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  1. I still didn't set the issues, she is centrist in everything. Everything seems fine about the veeps.
  2. No presidential election comes up? It's weird, because this part works perfectly well when I go through the primaries campaign...
  3. It still doesn't work. However, I noticed some interesting thing. While trying to locate the problem, I found out that it actually comes from the "PS" party. When all its candidates are off, the game works fine. Then here is what is really strange. There are three candidates that are on initially : Ségolène Royal, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Laurent Fabius. If I add a candidate for this party, the game works. If I put Strauss-Kahn or Fabius off, and replace them by another candidate, it doesn't work, while it works if Royal is replaced. If I put any of these three off and do not add another
  4. There was indeed a date for a general election debate that shouldn't have been there. I deleted it and it did not solve the problem. However, I absolutely don't remember intending to have a debate in the primaries, and as you said, there is no date for such a debate.
  5. I re-checked all the dates and I found two mistakes. I corrected them, I re-re-checked, everything is fine now about the dates, and the problem is still here... :-/
  6. Hi everyone, I am currently facing a problem which I think is pretty common, but I couldn't find an answer to it while searching on this forum, so please excuse me if this was already asked and/or solved. I am making a scenario, and it was working fine until I changed the dates of all the primaries (32 regions, 13 parties... yes, that's a lot). Now when I'm playing my scenario, I have the "invalid floading point" message (and the "list index out of bounds" message if I insist on trying to keep on playing) after some months (the date when the problems occurs is not the same from one party to
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