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  1. Take your time! My pleasure to help you. By the way, the race is becoming more and more interesting - but it's a very strange because both of major candidates are virtually non-engaged in campaign. Virtually no meetings, virtually no interviews etc. - both sides are afraid to make a decisive step towards real campaign. It seems only in late may the campaign will become more lively. I think - if we want follow those circumstances - very few CP would emulate it. I wonder if we should use general issues (which I enlisted before) or focus on newest issues which are very temporary. If you want u
  2. I see your point, though Im afraid if we stay strictly down to reality it wont be a passionate game, because the result has been pretty clear for months and the only question is (was because now its clear now too) who will take the second place. How about 2005 presidential elections? Then it was a real race. Or we can make both of them issues and candidates are very similar. By the way, parliamentary elections would be linked to president Lech Kaczynski, because Jaroslaw Kaczynski is his twin-brother and they look exactly the same (they even made fun of journalists when one came for inter
  3. In fact most of those issues are one of the most discussed recently Relations with Ukrain – all mainstream Polish politicians put much effort in supporting Orange Revolution which failed, now they must answer how to build relations with new government of the “blue” camp Gender equality – a proposal of a bill which will guarantee 50% seats in the parliament for woman is one of hot topics Rememberence policy – it’s basic part of Law and Justice’s program and president Kaczynski’s agenda System of financing political parties – it was a big debate about it, thought now it’s indeed frozen topi
  4. At first, I strongly suggest focus on 2011 parliamentary elections, it’s far more interesting and less predictable. In the incoming presidential elections Civic Platform’s candidate can win in the first tour and, if it takes place, it’s more than obvious he will win in the second tour. Candidate of Law and Justice can fight a bit, maybe Andrzej Olechowski can try to fight for the second place, but it’s not very possible, the rest of all candidates are advertisements of their parties before 2011 local and parliamentary elections. By the way, why do we need parliamentary (Sejm) constituencies
  5. Hi. I'm facing a similar problem, "list index out of bounds" error. I changed any data but only add some new candidated, is it possible it's too much of them?
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words and consideration! Indeed, President Kaczynski was very assertive towards European Union. I'm very surprised to see a French who likes him! I remember how desperated President Sarkozy was Though I bet you wouldn't like to have leaders like Kaczynski brothers and Donald Tusk in the same time! Since 2005 Polish politics is area of permanent, very brutal war with absolutely no space for bi-partisan dialogue and with mainstream media clearly siding with one side. Possible issues (only to mention, I will need some time to detail it): Abortion In vitro
  7. Endorsers: National media TVP - right [state-owned television network, under Law and Justice control] TVN centre [the biggest private TV network, very influential and very supportive to ruling Civic Platform] Gazeta Wyborcza centre/centre-left (major) [the biggest daily newspaper] Dziennik centre right (major) [newspaper] Rzeczpospolita centre right (major) [newspaper] Trybuna far left [minor, in the past it was press organ of Polish communist party, it has bankrupted in Dec 2009] Weeklies: Polityka centre/centre left Newsweek centre right Wprost right Tygodnik Powszechny
  8. Thank you very much for respect you shown to my country's tragedy. Let me know on PM what information you need and I will prepare it, though I'm afraid in some points main themes of Polish politics are too different to be understandable for people from countries of totally different historical and political environment.
  9. Hi. I'm Polish and I'm keen on politics of Poland, I would be glad to help
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