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  1. every scenario i had on my now broken computer is lost. Anyone still have this and able to mail me it? thewhorock93@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Gonna apoligise for this guys. First my computer died and I only got myself a new laptop last week. All I had in terms of data for this scenario is lost on my end anyhow. Now I've started Uni and work on top, so doubt I would have much time to start again. GOP if you still want work away with anything I sent you if it helps. I still hope this scenario sees daylight
  3. Arrghhh been waiting for this one for ages. Been gone for a month and miss this one. Too late to get a copy? thewhorock93@hotmail.co.uk
  4. and aye could you send me the whole 2002 and 2007 scenarios? would help, plus I've been wanting to play them
  5. Oh right cheers. only really looker at the first dozen or so and saw they were done
  6. Here these ridings ive looked at look more or less complete. what needs to be done?
  7. Right these ridings. I see the scenarion starts at the end of janurary so should I use opinion polls from then, Which had FF miles behind, or the actual election results which had FF about 3 or 4 points ahead of the polls?
  8. Can't rember the 2007 endorsers, and don't have it on the computer anymore. I would suggest the ICTU ot if they are already there then maybe the EU/IMF
  9. Cheers mate. E-mail is: thewhorock93@hotmail.co.uk Hopefully I can get the ridings finished sometime next week and release this soon. Can't wait to finish it and get playing
  10. GOP Progressive. Can you send me whatever you have on this scenario so I can put it together and try to get it released asap. I think the vast majority is done now. Just a case of putting all together at this stage
  11. yeah basically any area that is anything other than largely Fianna Fail will be L on the Seante. If you want I can do ridings tomorow evening, can't do it tonight as I have an exam in the morning. Shouldn't take too long I suppose?
  12. Regionalism seems grand to me, leaning to the right in rural areas and the the left in urban areas. Comin along nicely
  13. Independants was always going to be tricky with the diverse range of them. I think as they are is fine, but Shane Ross himself is as I said very right wing. But I think the current set up is fine and can be changed on the user choice I suppose. Whilst you sort regionalism ect. want me to make a start on the ridings data?
  14. Yes he hates the bailouts as he belived the banks should be allowed to fail, different to say the ULA who would beleive the banks should be nationalised
  15. I think givin the diverse range of independants maybe put all theirs slap bang in the middle, but Shane Ross himself is very neo-liberal, so far right on just about all economic policies. New vision are a weird one, not sure where to put most. left on enviornmental issues and centre left or centre on just about everything else. Glad to see this nearing completion. Im thinking of next going back and doing NI 1998 like i said i would ages ago. Thanks for all the help GOP progressive!
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