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  1. Could you make a non-rar version please also. i got rid of winrar
  2. When will the demo for congress forever be released?
  3. Whenever I play my easygoing goes down.
  4. What difficulty are you on?
  5. yougo1000


    No matter what scenario I am doing on the 2nd or 3rd polling a BIG lead goes to the opposite party on easy. i have done everything possible to keep the lead and the lead for the opposition increases.
  6. In the next update the polling sholud be modified to reflcet the final results.
  7. yougo1000


    When you make a speech it would say do you want to make a custom speech? If you hit yes it will take you to a text box where you can type your speech and then hit OK or Cancel
  8. President Forever says I have to reactivate it
  9. Maybe lieberman shouldget half of the average
  10. yougo1000


    I have an idea: Maybe a custom speech option.
  11. This happens all the time when I do election night no matter what scenari or version I am playong.
  12. I have a proble in P4E on election night it says on the right 0 seats won
  13. Maybe after election results it would show how many men women ETC. voted for "insert Party Hear"
  14. I was originally Reagan then when Nixon clinched the Nomination I asked to be his VP. Harry Truman endorsed me in general. currently it is October 11th. Humphrey\McGovern 260 EVs 48.9 PV Nixon\Reagan 228 EV 48.5 PV I am going to release a high scandal on Humphrey
  15. Is it possible to have the GE week-by-week?
  16. For P4e2012 I think you should allow county level results
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