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  1. Soon, one day, I will post a list of scenarios with a url to the thread so this way if you want a year, you can just come here!
  2. Played as Romney. After easily winning the primary (I DESTROYED Guiliani, and then my only notable opponent was McCain, so I made him my VP). Anyways after a long and hard election (few scandals on me, but I had trouble making progress in tied areas, much less blue areas). Then...in a shocking moment...election night came and I actually won some states that were told to me to be "Obama Country" (?). Good news: I got over half the popular vote. Bad news: No recount (in New Mexico which of all places was really the deciding state), so I lost the electoral college. A sad loss for the Republicans, an ironic win for the Democrats.
  3. I'd love to see: 1) More parties 2) Be able to actually debate I remember a really old DOS election game, and in the game you got to set the percentage of your responses (how much time to kill, how much time to actually answer question, how much time to make a metaphor things like that) 3) More CPs: I rarely have enough to do what I want. Just a couple more is all I'm asking for. 4) Network play. 5) Select "All On/Off" option when starting a new game to auto-turn on ALL candidates.This would save me time. 6) More than 32 candidates. And lastly: 7) VP should be able to make speeches.
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