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  1. Moderate leaving Goldwater. For the spacebar Party I am going to add the unpledged electors in Alabama, under the direction of George Wallace (he supported Goldwater, but I can think of no other character whom the electors would vote for than their homeboy) Right now my major problem is HOW much support (through home state bonuses) the moderates (like Lodge, Rockefeller, and Scranton) should receive. This includes everything outside of the South. I have a general idea, but at the same time I am unsure as to where it would be improved the most, and by how much.
  2. Alright, I need some Crusaders. I already have Lady Bird Johnson for........Johnson, and Ronald Reagan for Barry Goldwater. Henry Kissinger is for Nelson Rockefeller. I haven't been able to identify anyone other than that. (I've got the Kennedy's covered)
  3. He threatened to do so, and had planned to, but the victory of Barry Goldwater stole most of his thunder. However, he is supposed to be listed as "off" All other notes are taken into account.
  4. I have to warn you, that due to computer issues, my posts will be sporadic. Still, I'll post whenever I can. Anyway, I have tried to implement ideas from the other projects into this one, and so far it has come out.......okay. The major trouble came when I represent the moderate leaving Goldwater, and the Solid South breaking for him. I solved this by granting him massive home bonuses in the South, while the Republican Party is polling low nationally. However, I then met the problem of trying to more properly gauge the strength of the various candidates that could have been chosen, and theref
  5. Version 1 of 1984 has been released: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FGWX0UES Enjoy! Tell me if there are any problems, glitches, etc. What is most important, however, is if the scenario is balanced. To me, it appears that it is, but I would like all of your opinions.
  6. I need additional candidates for the 1984 scenario, and I really cannot think of any. Here is what I have right now. Democrats Gary Hart John Glenn Dale Bumpers Jesse Jackson Llyod Bentsen (off) Republicans Jack Kemp Howard Baker Bob Dole George H. W. Bush (off)
  7. I know......I didn't think of that until after I started the series. Well, at least I know the regionalism is working well, except maybe Nebraska. That should be difficult, but for some reason is easy to win as a Democrat. Same problem with North Carolina and Indiana. Idaho is only competitive when Jerry Brown is with Frank Church. Well, there is one more version I am working on for 1980 before I think it is done, basically text changes, possible third parties from the Republican side......
  8. I tried as Borah and almost did it. Lost by about a hundred delegates to Landon. Anyway, I am confused as to several factors. The Democratic Party does not have any primaries at all last I checked, but I remember there being at least a couple. Also, it is strange that the Share Our Wealth Party is already carrying most of the states it is aimed at winning, but is not able to expand outside of those states.
  9. This is not even worth mentioning yet, as I will likely have progressed significantly on the other project beforehand, but I would like to at least give a heads up to the next one on the list; Alternate American History 102. The idea is that Ronald Reagan decides to not run for reelection in 1984 despite extensive popularity. As a result, the Republican field will expand exponentially, with George H. W. Bush likely being the frontrunner. Not so sure about the Democratic field though, it could likely remain much the same. Other than that, however, it is still in a "dream" state, too far off for
  10. I was working on one which I recieved from another, but my concentration I must admit slipped toward my other scenarios. It is not nearly ready, however. I'll give you what help I can, or if you wish, I can simply send you what I have.
  11. Well, I can tell you it works in the second version I just released.
  12. Alright, here is a new link for the scenario which works: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6XVUWILQ The other link is now invalid. For those who do get the scenario, please post what you think of it, possible improvement, any errors, etc. As for candidates, I am thinking of adding Lowell Wiecker, who was a possible in 1980 but ruled against it. With Reagan out of the race, he might have been more receptive to the idea and actually have ran. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Wait, what? How exactly did that happen? It worked fine when I did initial testing before I released it. That is, unless you put Independent-Anderson on, I have been toying with putting him and Phil Crane on as possible independent characters, but I am not sure. If that is the case for the violation error, just leave him off. Otherwise, I need more information.
  14. Here is the 1980 Election: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z1DWD4J2 Tell me what you think of it. It says that it is going to be unavailable for a short time (for reasons I DO NOT understand) so if it does not fix itself after a few days, I'll replace the link.
  15. Alright, I'll add them as off candidates. Bob Dole and Ben Fernandez are already in there. Jerry Brown defeated Gerald Ford in 1976.
  16. Those that have been released, or are waiting to be released. 1980 - President Brown Reelection: Completed (Version 3, Version 4 to be released); http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6XVUWILQ 1984 - Gary Hart vs. Jack Kemp (Gary Hart narrowly wins election): (Version 1) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FGWX0UES 1988 - Gary Hart Reelection: Currently Being Worked on 1992 - Planning Stages 1996 - Dream Stage 2000 - ? 2004 - ? 2008 - ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Should I send this to theoryspark? Is it ready? And how do I go about doing that? I really want Patine's opinion, since he makes some of the best scenarios I have ever seen.
  18. Please send me a copy: jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com
  19. Well, I've played around with the numbers a bit. Added Tom Vilsack as a prominent Democratic candidate. Here is the second version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HD813IOD Tell me if there is anything that I should improve or not.
  20. I aimed for the Democrats to be slightly more moderate, but not so much that their Liberal wing is gone, more like Dennis Kucinich (who is their leader in the House of Representatives). However, I was not sure exactly how many major Democrats would bolt from the Democratic Party to the Green Party, which is a question that I pose to you guys. To me, Democrats like Howard Dean are borderline, but not yet ready to bolt. Possibly Nancy Pelosi, but then she would lose her leadership, so I don't think she would. I am not sure. I will try to make the numbers more fluid, though it is largely becaus
  21. I'm suprised that no one has commented. Hopefully that means there are no problems with the scenario.
  22. The download link is here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LVQTG0XL Enjoy!
  23. If you send it to me, I'll help you where I can. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com
  24. When I worked on the Reform Party, it became more of an alternate history election, since I made it so they were a more effective third party. If you notice, there are quite a few candidates, allowing for a decent primaries campaign within the party itself. Typically, as a result of this, he gets a significant chunk of the vote. If you do NOT want this feature, I would turn the Reform Party off, which I have done in the version I am working on. Still, I would think he would have harmed W more than you.
  25. Well, I was hoping there was some other way than that.
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