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  1. Does anyone know where I can find records of the individual votes by the state delegations at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions? Normally I would read through the official proceedings of the various conventions as I had done while working on my 1912 Presidential Scenario (before my computer was wiped), but I cannot find one for either in 1948.
  2. He is there to offer himself as a "middle-ground" candidate between the Liberal Kennedy and the Conservative Reagan, who each have won their respective primaries. Basically, he is supported by Moderate Republicans, Moderate Democrats, and Independents that are no happy with either of the nominees. On another note, I am disappointed in that I cannot find more possible running mates for him, especially among the Democratic Party. I have found reports of Hugh Carey being mentioned, but I am thinking of adding him as a Democratic Presidential candidate, and he was not too keen on the idea anyway.
  3. John Glenn would have problems with experience (having only been in the Senate for four to five years), but I guess it is understandable. Alright, I'll add him in with the others right next to Carter and Kennedy. As for Reagan, I have heard from many that he would have run in 1980 regardless of the environment.
  4. Democratic Party - President Harry S. Truman (D-MO) - General Dwight D. Eisenhower (I-KS) [off] - Senator Richard B. Russell Jr. (D-GA) - Vice President Alben Barkley (D-KY) - Senator Harley M. Kilgore (D-WV) Republican Party - Governor Thomas E. Dewey (R-NY) - Governor Harold E. Stassen (R-MN) - General Dwight D. Eisenhower (I-KS) [off] - Senator Robert A. Taft (R-OH) - General Douglas MacArthur (R-NY) - Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg (R-MI) - Governor Earl Warren (R-CA) - Senator John W. Bricker (R-OH) [off] - Business Riley A. Bender (R-IL) - Governor Leverett S
  5. Since work has stopped on the other discussion page, I will be adopting the project. I already have my own personal skeleton of a scenario that I will be working off from. A more proper post will be up shortly giving the current candidates I intend to add, and the issues as they currently exist, both of which are subject to change.
  6. I have made a copy of this scenario based on the information here that I will soon be posting. Of course, the original authors will get credit since it was their idea, though I have thrown in another thing or two of my own. If this had been released at one point, and is still available, then I will jointly release the two, one as the original, and the other as a "fan-made expansion" so to speak.
  7. As we all know, Gerald Ford lost his bid for reelection against Georgian Governor Jimmy Carter by a two point margin, having come back from a deficit as far as thirty four points. This loss is often attributed to a massive blunder on the part of Ford, where he supposedly claimed that ".....there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford administration..." Up to that point, he had been surging in the polls, coming closer and closer to finally out-pacing Carter. After that remark, the surge simply dissipated, and Carter managed to eke out a win. In a intervie
  8. Okay, normally I would be fine doing this on my own, but I can't come with good position statements for these issues as they pertained in 1972. If someone can write out the positions for me, I'll make sure they get credit in the finished product. Considering that four of the scenarios I wish to build START in 1972, it is imperative to me that at the very least the issues are finished. Those that are bolded are the most important in the group. Vietnam Law and Order National Service Military Funding Draft Dodgers Nuclear Weapons Equal Rights Amendment Poverty Relief Busing Education C
  9. There is a download link on Page 31 for the scenario. I'm working on another scenario for the time being, but I'll make some minor changes tonight in regards to the events, which are more easily repaired. The Favorite Sons are a major flaw in that the game can not accurately model them. There is no good solution to the problems it presents, so I have decided to leave it be for now.
  10. I am not going to release a lot for the time being; you'll have to wait for the scenario itself. However, I do need the following: - Crusaders for George Wallace in the Democratic Primary, and another for his possible run as an American Independent. - In essence, who would continue to support him once he ran outside of a major party? - Possible Vice Presidential selections for George Wallace in 1972 within the Democratic Party. .......I thought there was more but I guess that is all that I really needed. Once I am able to fill in these holes, I'll release a BETA.
  11. Most of the issues with the events have been fixed. I have increased the effects of most issues, while also increasing and extending the power of the "Bombing Halt" event that occurs toward the end of the campaign.What I am trying to do now is remove the Favorite Sons and place their support within the main candidates they supported, though in some cases this is not possible (Volpe wished to become Vice President, Dan Moore did not support Hubert Humphrey). Even then, it still generates the same amount of trouble it would with them among the percentages. An example is that Reagan is for the mo
  12. Russ Feingold has been named a possible challenger among several of the topic sheets that have popped up here. I have no idea what he plans to do now that his career as a Senator is ending, but if he is dissatisfied enough with Obama, he could run against him in the primaries. He has the grassroots support, is more popular among the Liberal faction of the Democratic Party, and has a strong level of integrity. Basically, this man is going to be as close to Eugene McCarthy as you are going to get, though possibly more eloquent. From what I have read, Mark Warner, despite being within the Conse
  13. I'll pick up where it was left off. Give me a day or two to tinker with the original version (I have my own version, but it is prone to be quite unpredictable, even though I aimed for it to be more historically accurate.)
  14. The only two Democrats I know of who are seriously thinking of running are Alvin Greene and Jimmy McMillin (Rent is 2 Damn High!). Even if they may not be serious contenders, it may be enough to make the scenario at least somewhat fun (McMillim especially).
  15. I had a Beta version of the scenario ready some time ago, but since that was on the laptop that got wiped, well....... Anyway, what I do know should be included is La Follete's "planned" third party run. Supposably, Ole' Bob was going to run on the Progressive Party ticket in 1912, or something along those lines, and only didn't follow through because Roosevelt ended up absorbing his base, and for the most part his party. In my scenario, I had Roosevelt by default running in the Republican Primaries, and La Follete in both the Republican and Progressive by default (at this stage, only player
  16. Not as important since it pertains to President Forever 2008 and with 2012 coming out, but the problem may be carried over. I have found that when starting from the primaries, if either the Democrats or the Republicans has a single strong candidate without a viable challenge, they quickly work their way into the undecided voting bloc. While not really a problem (for players this is in some ways good), there is then no way for some reason to move this candidates polling numbers down. An example is that despite having a constant overall negative momentum of 11 or higher during an entire week, he
  17. Some notes on my part: - Eisenhower should be a off candidate for both the Republicans and the Democrats. He was courted by both parties, but more seriously by the Drop-Truman movement within the Democratic Party. - Alben Barkley could be placed as a Democratic Candidate, though with extremely low support. After his keynote address, there was talk of possibly nominating him rather than Truman. Of course it came to nothing, and it would be difficult, but a skillful player could pull it off. - Richard Russell Jr. must be placed in opposition to Truman. He is the candidate of the Southern Demo
  18. I am wondering if there is anyway that I can get access to this scenario. The link is down or overloaded, and it was never apparently sent to Theoryspark (that, or it was better than their current version and "shelved"). I would like to begin work on the 1950's with this as a base, but I have no idea where to get it. If you do have it, please send it here: jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com
  19. The download link is here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2C0HT5KS Now, there are some things that are missing. *There are no events written as of yet. There were some issues that could be added, but I am not sure as to the dates they should come into effect, and they did not have a major effect upon the race anyways. *There are crusaders, but it would be helpful if anyone could give me any additional ones and their strengths, especially if I have gotten any of them wrong. *An issue regarding statehood for Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. I was not sure how to word the various positions
  20. Connecticut, simply because we can then do scenarios for 2006 and 2012. And also because I am in contact with John Merterns.
  21. Alright, you are going to have to put the images onto some website like Photobucket, then copy their URL's. When you post a message, one of the options on the second bar is a small photo of a tree. Click on that and insert the URL of the picture, and it will show up.
  22. Hold on just a second. I'll figure that out.
  23. Does anybody have this scenario? Could you please send it to me? Thanks. www.jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com
  24. Why did I not think of Reagan?! Add him as a "Conservative". For now all the VP candidates should probably be limited to the top-tier candidates, and then expanded when most of the important material is solidly in place. And as I said before, Populism unfortuantely has for the most part been limited to the Western Hemisphere and Europe, and has yet to effectively spread into Asia. This weakness should be made apparent in the general election. What does the map look like though?
  25. Let us see; probably should add Theodore Roosevelt as a Populist from the United States and Calvin Coolidge as a Conservative (not prominent, but one of the more prominent "true" Conservatives). I checked and Populism has not really occured in Asia, the movement largely restricted to the Western World.
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