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  1. Just to provide and answer, 1972 has never been done for some reason, and 1968 has been done but by some other person other than Patine. The main file service that person used has since been taken down but I have some of the files. However, there were inconsistencies that I was never able to remove despite attempts to do so, especially with major problems of double digit fallout from the primaries to the general election once a candidate dropped out, thus resulting in states like Ohio or California swinging toward one side. In short, while it is fun, because there is no good way of recreating
  2. Tried all the scenarios involved, may try and begin working on my own again, but I would need help in their development, specifically the issues in such, something you apparently by the look of it have quite the knack for. Anyway, in 1824 and 1828 I think there is too much money in the system. It eventually gets to the point where just about every candidate except maybe the Federalist earns enough each turn to run nationally four ads and still have money coming in. In 1824 specifically, I have found it difficult even with the running of the ads to compete with the other candidates; I will som
  3. As I mentioned in the other thread I currently have, this for some reason doesn't work. I also tried it in the 1996 scenario in question to no avail. There is something in the coding itself apparently that makes the electorate rigid, or at least seems to increase the percentage of the voters who are committed to that Party (not candidate). I am certain it has something to do with the number of candidates that are run in the primaries of that particular party; I ran McCain as the only Republican once in the 2008 Wonked Edition Scenario. Normally the Republicans get hammered and reduced to pla
  4. Events driven to give him negative momentum. At first I made it so that only his Leadership was affected, with him being hit with (-10,000) momentum every day for fifty four days, right up until the General Election starts. That got me about (0.2%) down. Similar events were made to have the same affect on his integrity and his experiance which was just as ineffective. So basically three event series run from July to the beginning of September, hitting Perot with max negative momentum on the three personal issues every single day during that time.
  5. I am working on revamping the 1992 scenario to be more realistic, or at least more difficult for some characters and easier for others. Currently I am trying to reflect Perot's rise and fall in the polls during the season; basically giving him front-runner status and then bringing him down into the low tens at least. However, while I am able to surge him into the thirties, I can't bring him back down; at most I can probably manage to bring him down (0.5%) before the General Election. Any way I can achieve this?
  6. I actually wrote up such a scenario and got a lot of the work done, though it was based on another's ideas who also posted in this forum. Basically Lieberman can run as a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, the later being almost Perot-like. I'm going to end up pulling up the files and seeing what I had to compare them to what you currently have to offer as a base. Also the Environmental Protection Act would never succeed. I had imagined something similar being proposed, but the combination of Republicans and those Democrats serving in the Rust Belt would have killed it. Obama or rathe
  7. I must apologize, I forgot entirely. I promise I'll get to it tomorrow. Things have been busy.
  8. I'll give it a run. I'll have a review up in a bit.
  9. Some notes on my part: Jimmy McMillan is now running as a Republican. God knows why, but something about taking on a President in the Primaries turned him away from that route. Alan Grayson, former Democratic Representative from Florida, is considering challenging Obama for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination. Could easily become the Left's Dissenting candidate. I imagine him doing no better than Patrick Buchanan; no way he manages to upset the President, but he does have some respectable showings for one challenging a sitting President. Donald Trump has made it quite clear through
  10. Let me see.......rising stars include: Rafael Anchia - 48 - Democrat - Possible Candidate for Texas Governor in 2014. Member of the Texan House of Rep. Cory Booker - 47 - Democrat - Current Mayor of Newark. Possible Candidate for New Jersey Governor 2013. George Prescott Bush - 38 - Republican - Promising Political Figure in Texas. Not likely a candidate, however. Eric Cantor - 53 - Republican - May be content with Congressional Leadership Position, but could be a major candidate. Keith Ellison - 53 - Democrat - Since 2007 a Representative from Minnesota. An African American Muslim. May m
  11. Also be sure not to add to many events, or they will refuse to trigger. I had created a system of events for a custom 2004 scenario so as to keep Bush from attaining his God status by the end of the primaries, but most simply refused to trigger. However, I know it was not a problem in the set up, since they would trigger at random, and different ones each run, even though they are identical and are set to trigger no matter what. If you crash the game again through an event, post what the data for the event was here, and I'll look through it and tell you if there are any errors.
  12. Actually, I meant alienated as in the party percentages when assigned. On the same bar as Primary and General strengths in every state, there is another where I assumed that was the number alienated from that Party, thus refusing to vote for it. However, I consistently have gotten numbers above what the alienation level should be. The Democrats, for example, should not get above 51 in Indiana, since I set it so that 49 are alienated from the Democratic Party. However, they consistently have polled 57 or higher in every test that I have run.
  13. Does anyone know what this does? I have been tinkering with it, and it seems to have no effect whatsoever upon the election, even when maxed out.
  14. I just tried this and it remained in FPP. It is more upsetting, because I have a scenario where every candidate that ran in 2008 is running in the general election, but it is impossible for anyone to win under FPP. Therefore, the "winner" is always randomly selected by Congress.
  15. You have no idea how happy you just made me. Really no idea. Please post the state by state delegate counts for them, since they are the only ones that really matter (The rest I can either guess as to where or will fudge; they are not as important). Same with the state delegation sizes. Also, what is the name of this book? I had been looking everywhere for something that had information like this, including through my library database, but had no luck.
  16. You sir, have saved this scenario. Please give me what you can on those delegations, though the size of each delegations by state is what is most important. Everything else is tertiary.
  17. Without being able to look at the scenario, I can't be certain. (Don't know if you forgot to send it to me or if I gave you an incorrect address). Anyway, here it is again, just to be sure: jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com From my experiance, I do not like the uncommitted option since it just benefits the player with the most momentum. However, with the leaners, they start with their original choice but are liable to move around. Most scenarios I make are centered on the leaners, though fifty or sixty percent are still committed, with around eighty in the home state. Guiliani is the best examp
  18. Not much, unfortunately. I'm likely going to fudge the delegation numbers somehow, since I have yet to find any hard information on the 1948 Conventions other than how many delegates were there in total, who won, and the ballot votes. It's dissapointing, but at least in the case of the Democratic side I can make a strong guess.
  19. I would like to see this as well please. www.jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com Also, why don't you do an All-Star Presidential Losers Race. I had the idea to do it myself, but it seemed like you had the better resources. I feel like it would be fresher too. Just to clarify, I mean failed Presidential Tickets, not every man (or woman) that failed to earn the Presidency. There would then be quite a few.
  20. They took that part of the site down apparently, so the file isn't valid anymore. Anyway, I have been tinkering with the game, and I have run into so many problems that it really is not even playable. Those problems include: - Reagan's support ALWAYS going to Wallace, thus throwing California solidly into the Democratic column, when in reality it leaned Republican - Indiana being solid Democratic, when it was in fact solid Republican. I have no idea why this happens. - Ohio going Republican in landslide elections for the Democrats, whereas the above happens. - Random Western states go
  21. Either have it as a battleground or have Andrew Jackson leading, but with his support able to eb away quickly (a significant percentage under leaning).
  22. For Clinton, maybe you should make it so that his support is rather evident across the entire nation, especially within the Southern states, but he only actually leads in a couple states, and even then only strongly in his native Arkansas. As for Roosevelt, he typically did best in the West during his elections, so I would put his base there. The South would be contested by others, notably Carter and Clinton, but he could potentially do well there as well.
  23. The problem with those is while it give me the delegations (which may or may not be complete) it does not tell me how they voted. I was planning on using the delegation votes on the first ballot as the starting percentages for the caucus states as I had done in 1912 and 1904. I find it almost humorous that the records from 1856 to 1912 are easily accessible, but none after until 1972.
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