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  1. Oh God yes! I tried doing it but gave up when I could not find the convention data, nor how to properly simulate certain things. Very interested to see how you did it. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com
  2. Hillary Clinton - Paris Hilton (There is a whole slew of celebrity endorsements for Hillary, but that one just stuck out the most) John Edwards - Seth Green (Technically not old enough, but I would not pass it up. As it is this is not a serious election, so toss the rule book) Bill Richardson - Edward James Olmos (Seemed the perfect fit, though I was tempted by Val Kilmer as well) Dennis Kucinich - Sean Penn (Perfect Fit) Joe Biden - Richard Schiff (There were no other choices) Chris Dodd - Alec Baldwin (Name that popped out the most for me) Mike Gravel - Mark Ruffalo (There were no othe
  3. Alright, there is an error in the 1860 scenario that prevents the General Election from proceeding, and I can't see what is causing it. The Uganda scenario is great, if at times frustrating.
  4. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com Its a proxie address that I give out publicly so my private one does not get spammed by advertisements.
  5. I would like to try this and your Uganda Scenario Patine. Even though I have managed not to get any of my own projects off the ground.
  6. Only mention it because he had a lot of influence on the field, and if he is left active it is going to result in primaries wildly different from what is now going to happen with him out. As it now stands Gingrich is now dominating the South as well, and challenging Romney everywhere but the Northeast. Maybe push the start date even further ahead to December 3rd?
  7. I am now curious as to how best to handle Herman Cain, given that he has now all but dropped out of the Republican Presidential Race.
  8. There isn't anything to show because it won't properly open up anymore. I'll simply have to do it again, though I will ask them what the ceiling is in terms of what the scenario can hold for an Election like this. It is possible that it glitched out because I hit the Political Units limit without knowing it and it is 250 (entirely possible since I only had three more to fill after the one that caused the glitch). On the brighter side it does allow me to fix existing flaws in the map that I hadn't noticed until it was too late...........at the time. I'm also looking at possibly combining some
  9. Well I made created all of the Counties. Then it started to give me invalid errors when finishing the last couple. Then it told me it was out of memory. Then it wouldn't let me do anything to decrease memory usage. THEN it acted as if the file were corrupted. In short, I spent about six hours entering data for no gain, and I have no way to recover what I lost.
  10. I'll put you all out of your misery and inform you that I do indeed have one, BUT it has not been updated for about thirteen months. Therefore Rick Perry is more of a favorite son candidate than and actual candidate for the nomination. And Newt Gingrich is actually one of the top dogs in the race, and it doesn't even have Bachman.
  11. Well, I figured out what was wrong with the Map. For some reason when it got converted the edge borders were no longer "Solid Black" so they weren't by the game recognized as borders whereas the ones in the interior, which somehow remains "Solid Black", were. Considering the difference was almost negligible, and I only discovered it by playing around with the colors, I was lucky to have caught it. And I am not looking forward to managing 254 Counties, nor 1270 County Primaries
  12. Okay, I have a map but for some reason every county that touches one of the edges is part of the background. As you see I have tried several methods to fix this but to no avail. Any help figuring out why this is would be appreciated. Also, is there a limit to the number of political units allowed?
  13. There were apparently two other Democratic Opponents in the Primary, Representative Robert Gammage and Rashad Jafer, the former performing quite respectably but still being crushed for the most part. Should at least make it somewhat more interesting. With the Republican Primary there is of course possible challenges by Senator Hutchinson and Strayhorn. There are also a few minor candidates here and there including Larry Kilgore (the avid Texan Secessionist) that will at least give Perry something to think about. Strayhorn in her Independent bid will have her Campaign kick off on the Ninth of
  14. O don't worry I am including them; that is the major reason I choose to do this scenario. The another scenario I thought about working on was the 1970 New York Senate Election, which I may in the end do first simply because it is simpler with fewer counties, and I am still unsure how to apportion the electoral votes (I was going to use the Wyoming Rule, but one of the counties had only 90 voters so............)
  15. Started working on this including Data Entry for the various candidates and parties. However I am unsure as to what issues should be given priority or even what they should be given I have almost no experience creating Gubernatorial Scenarios. So what issues should be listed here?
  16. Sorry, been without Internet for the last couple days. Anyway that sounds reasonable, though I am not sure what exactly that status grants to the Party or its effects anyway.
  17. I would just use their last names for now. I think seeing "This is Clay Country" looks better than "This is DR Clay Country".
  18. Do you mean when are they going to FINISH Congress Forever? Frankly, I was extremely disappointed when I got the game and then they proceeded to stop updating or improving upon it. I know they have other projects to handle, but since they had already released this game it should be, to me, a higher priority. Prime Minister forever data from the Canadian Version keeps popping up whenever I try to view my personal information, and is one of the many problems that I have seen. Just looking through the files I can tell there should have been a Primary Stage where the candidates within the respec
  19. Well, I found the error I was referring to when rewriting some of the stats for the 1832 scenario and trying to run it. Apparently, the error hits when you have delegates in states that are not on the General Election Ballot for that Party; don't ask me why but that is the only significant difference between the two that could cause and error. This is a pain since this means the scenario must be rewritten from scratch if that mistake is made since it does not allow the number of delegates to go below 1 once you have entered a number into the appropriate box; it will not accept zero. If there i
  20. 1832 Andrew Jackson appears to be doing too well, getting around sixty percent of the vote while capturing everything except Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with Connecticut floating between him and Clay. Considering, the National Republican probably should start at a higher percentage throughout the United States, or where they contested, and thus work from there; maybe also a note that the game is meant to be played from the Campaign, not the primaries (do you mean to stretch the primaries out that far?) The Anti-Masonic's are interesting from what I am able to see given they are the only
  21. Yes, I have to admit it does become a problem since you, at least according to the game's system, you have New York split into four states, Maryland into three, etc. Unless of course it does not calculate the House results correctly in the format it should. I guess for now you should split New York between Adams, Clay, and Crawford, with Crawford having the advantage of two, Maryland to Adams, Clay and Jackson, Illinois to Clay, Kentucky to Clay, Ohio to Clay, Missouri to Clay, Maine to Adams, and Louisiana to Adams and Jackson. The rest should follow the House Results as historically placed.
  22. I have a partial solution to 1824. With it you could potentially run the four Democratic Republicans as separate parties, and thus deny them ballot access where they should not have support or otherwise target, and the AI should (hopefully) be smart enough to campaign in these areas. While this removes the primaries process and thus have the players doing a day by day campaign more in line with what you have in 1828, it also removes those blind five weeks towards the end of the campaign where everything is green and you can't see where your support is. Personally I am not sure how it would wor
  23. Does anyone know of an error that would not be picked up in CampaignsForever but would stop the game as it is entering the Final Results (The Campaign is over, it just crashes when entering the window where all the votes begin coming in)?
  24. That is of course not to say that the scenario itself wasn't good; as long as it was played from the General Election everything worked perfectly with finesse, and the Democrats could come back and win comfortably from a rather weak position, while the Republicans could also hold their lead if played correctly. It is just the primaries that kinda mess things up. As for travel limits, the AI is unfortunately too stupid to work with stamina or costs for some reason; that would require direct work with TheorySpark to sort out unfortunately. I know people have raised House Rules in regards to mov
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