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  1. I did some further testing on the issue of creating new parties, specifically the issue regarding leaders. Turns out that when the leaders are duplicated along with the party they are somehow still interconnected; when I edited the ID of the Marco Rubio in my Test Party, it also changed the ID of the Marco Rubio in the Republican Party. So that issue needs to be addressed before the party creation mechanic can even be operable.
  2. I am placing this here so I don't clutter up the "Desired Features" one with my own comments. I found that you had created an option in the editor to create new parties, and I attempted to make use of it; however, the moment I tried to delete some of the leaders to make way for new ones, an error popped up, and nothing in the leaders panel worked. I'm assuming it might have to do with the fact that when the party was copied over, it also brought over the exact same id's, mixing up for example the Republican Rubio and this Clone Rubio I was trying to edit. Course, it wasn't letting me edit the
  3. Your welcome. Only wish to help where I can. Another note regarding third parties before I go on a more important tangent.............they are raising to many funds at the current stage. I had planned to lower the base fundraising # (forget what it was called) to about half that of the major parties, but it isn't actually there, at least not yet. I don't wish to cut them off completely from funding, but Johnson did only raise about $2.4 million during his entire campaign, and in this game he can quite easily fly by that without a player at the helm. Just something to keep in mind. Also was c
  4. Lahbas


    Maybe its not a bug, but it seems odd all the same; exactly how big are the save files supposed to get? Right now, I am playing as Gary Johnson in the 2016 scenario, and can't continue on given the game is out of memory. The main save file, excluding those polling data files, is 219MB, and I am currently in June. The next biggest I have is about 29MB where I was running as Paul, and I had last saved in April. Can't open up the save file to see what is different given it is too big for Notepad to handle. HOWEVER, I do have a theory it might be the advertisements, though I can't check. I was ru
  5. I love having Minor Parties, though to be honest I have no idea how they would even react to this engine, with no way to test it. Presumably it would be far easier to fine tune it so that they work to this system than they did in P4E08, given we have more variety in that regard, but again, currently no way to test that theory. Their support should also be REALLY soft, which I don't believe is actually often done; makes the voters far easier to peel away. I at least always made sure that was the case. And again, the working woman thing was just a throw-out; I'm just asking for some more variet
  6. I intended to discuss this issue in depth, but apparently in months past I had modified the original file in order to make it more appealing, and no longer knowing what state it was in.................. I can make a couple comments though. First, what we need to do is make it so that Roosevelt concentrates on the primaries, and that he has little chance in the Caucus states, those states that would be controlled by the establishment; for him to carry the nomination, he would need to ride a wave of momentum following a string of primary wins that could convince the delegates that he would be
  7. Regarding PR, what I did was not pay attention to the population figures in defining how many electoral votes an area would get, but the number of potential voters in that area; Off-Year elections are great for this because the rural areas are almost always worth more using this method, creating more of an overall balance, while at the same time the urban areas still get a sizable share. Course, when I did it, I did it with New York which has its fair share of counties. It might not work on something this size, at least in the same way.
  8. Alright, so these are my quibbles regarding President Forever - 2016: I have to agree Barnission and make a mention for inclusion of the prediction tool. By itself I have to admit it isn't that significant, but it does help formulate a strategy in a very basic format without going from state to state. It is not all that important, but it was one of those tools I used at least once every game. Attack Ads need to be given a larger radius; they should be able "backfire" without actually backfiring. To explain............say you are the Democratic candidate and your Economic theme, and therefo
  9. Alright, two things I would add: S. Rob Sobhani is an Independent candidate for the US Senate in Maryland, and has been polling equal to or above the Republican candidate in that race, around the mid-twenties. I realize that he doesn't have much, if any, chance to win, but with that level of support I think he should be represented. Add in the Libertarian Party; the reasons are various. Mostly it is to serve as a space-bar party, to allow tests to be accurately run while not seriously effecting game-play in any way, given they are not in a position to win any seats. Of course, it is also
  10. Yes, that would do it, as long as it can work both ways; wouldn't want you to try and type up all those platforms anyway given the chaos that would cause.
  11. Alright, I believe I have said this before, but you need the candidate's positions to effect the race, not exclusively those of the party. For example, in 2010 in Colorado, Ken Buck is considered to have lost due to attacks on his Pro-Life position, which consisted on a total abortion ban; you can't do that if its only the Party's positions that you are fighting against, given they both try and tend towards the center. It also adversely effects Democratic candidates who are in the South, and Republican candidates in the North, given while the candidates themselves might be better tailored to t
  12. I would suggest that it be set so that Endorsers hold at 99 rather than at 95; because it the number of points a CP grants is based on their Command Organization level, it becomes a real chore during the primaries to actually get endorsers, on the basis of only being able to receive one every couple of days. Being able to spend 3 rather than 1 per turn would help as well.
  13. Still damn virtually impossible, even as a cheat character.
  14. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com May rework it for a 1896 Scenario. Now that I managed to remind myself, I am going to try and upload 1904 to some file-sharing site for you guys. Hopefully one that won't be taken down.
  15. To give you an example, I played as Pokhorav but increased his funds to 900,000,000 and upped his organization up to five, running ads every turn and attacking Putin on his Integrity in that same span. Managed to narrowly squeak out a win in Moscow. :/ Mind you however, it does a wonderful job to display the difficulties facing these parties. But if you were aiming for others to actually win elections other than United Russia, I currently isn't possible (and that includes through intentional sabotage). I'm going to run a game with their support base more towards leaning than you have it curr
  16. You do realize that it is impossible for any other party other than United Russia to win a state, let alone the election, mind you.
  17. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com Can't wait to see what you cooked up here.
  18. Suprisingly I still have the scenario, which I thought I had lost, but not the 1900 one which I had used as a base for it. Huh. Anyway, I'll try and get it up at some point. If I remember correctly it was still in something of a beta stage, in large part because the Democrats were always so weak. Also it might be good to poke me once in a while given I am prone to forgetting minor projects. Alas, memory is fleeting.
  19. I assume Wendell Willkie involves an Alternate History like scenario, given he had died four years prior? Anyhow, he would have been Mayor of New York City, a position he had planned on running for before he died, not a Senator. John Bricker is a Senator, not a Governor. Henry Wallace should also be an off candidate for the Democratic Nomination, since he had considered it for a time, and the Progressive Party as a whole should be polling around, I think, (6-7%) at the national level, though with a high percentage of leaning voters.
  20. I'll be honest, even if I do find it, I'll have to work out some of the kinks first, if I remember correctly.
  21. I could use a reprieve from working on the other scenario I am currently tinkering with. If you send me what you have I'll work on it and send back what I've done, likely with a notepad of opinions, in several days. Though I am not all that good with issues, unfortunately. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com
  22. Just in case you all did not know, it IS available with the other scenarios through Theoryspark now.
  23. A...........lot of things need to be updated........... I'm doing what I can since I now am relatively free till Monday but still, not quite what I expected. I'll pull up my own incomplete scenario and compare the two, and possibly try and blend them so to speak.
  24. Send please. jamesrobertmclaughlin@yahoo.com Edit: Wait. Bawlexus? Don't you have a Reagan TL you need to get back too?
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