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  1. Another thing, again related to the scenario I am working on but it also relates to the system. In 1980 I have for a test scenario I am about to release Bush as the Republican candidate; however I had been hoping to add a percentage bonus to him for Texas, as without it the Democratic candidate will be leading. Doesn't make much sense without it. Tried to put it in manually, but it didn't quite work.
  2. He might have a charisma of 4, but he would have a leadership of 2 and an integrity of 1; a simple Ad campaign would be enough to destroy him. I'm actually suprised he is still convinced that he could have won the run-off had he made it. Suffice to say, Tancredo has a better chance at the Presidency than Weiner.
  3. Yes it was in 1.4.9 TR 1, so that's good to hear.
  4. No, it doesn't work no matter where I put it, and no matter what image I try to use (scenario, candidate, issue, etc.). I am able to add them manually by editing the files through Notepad ++, but it might be troublesome for others. Another issue I found is that, when adding a party, or in the case of the Libertarians in the 2012 and 2016 scenarios, there needs to be a (1) to turn a party on by default or a candidate. However, the scenario editor makes it so that (Yes) or (No) is put in place instead, neither which are recognized resulting in an off by default. Final thing, I've managed to ge
  5. I am mostly happy with the recent update, but I've found that I can't change any of the images of the candidates as it can't locate them; it paths all the way to the folder in which the image is located, but doesn't path to the image itself.
  6. He was a "Playable" candidate, but started with 0% support.
  7. There needs to be some way to adjust how likely a candidate is to withdraw; generally I would say simply make it more likely, but then you would have characters like Ron Paul pulling out when they ran to the end with no hope of winning. Suffice to say, you really shouldn't have candidates polling in the single-digits sticking around for South Carolina or Florida.
  8. I just tried to add an image to one of my posts, but I'm being told that I am posting more images than I am allowed; effectively, I can't post any images whatsoever. Is there something I'm missing here, or does the forum not like the website Imgur where my image is being imported from? I'm working on a 2004 Presidential Election scenario, and I'd like to import Lincoln Chafee from the version that was on the '08 version of President Forever, but the Chafee in that version is............corrupted; I can reach about half the information that is written in there, but the percentages in particul
  9. This actually isn't ready yet, but it should be in a couple of days at most in something of a Beta mode. Game starts on December 8th, in large part because for most percentages I tried inputting actual polling data, and the late November-December period had the largest early concentration of them. The result was a polling map that looked nothing like the one we saw in the old PF+P '08 version. (Picture will be placed when I figure out why the forum isn't letting me place it) Howard Dean is leading the pack, with Wesley Clark close behind. Kerry (Blue) and Edwards (Purple) meanwhile are in th
  10. We need to be able to write percentages like this (11.11) or adding in minor parties is not possible. Thought I found a way around it by simply writing in the numbers like (1111), but that results in the electorate being expanded exponentially, to the point where the voters total in the billions.
  11. You might have an older version, considering you should not be able to delete every leader in a party.
  12. Never look to try and get results similiar to OTL in a situation like the primaries, as OTL by its very nature is often outside of what we would consider the likely path. At best we can put the candidates in their starting positions in November, and run the game from there; Santorum for example, unless played by an actual player, often ends up in the second tier of candidates, and in my experience has never come close to his OTL performance. Trying to force the game to adhere to history could very well prevent it from taking that course. Until I get access to Gallup-Brain I can't readily dete
  13. The Reform Party essentially ran their canddiate's through one big national primary, in this case I think a week or so before the National Convention, or around that time-frame. The exact apportionment of delegates might be up in the air, but you could throw a whole host of candidates in without having to worry about them withdrawing, given they'd not have any real reason to until a couple days before they'll be forced out anyways. Patrick Buchanan and John Hagelin should be default candidates given they are the men that tore the party apart; Trump would be in the third place, and Ventura four
  14. Just some notes............... Bush's support should be softer than it is, made up in large part by leaners who would be willing to support another candidate provided there is enough of a push; many who supported Bush in the polls did so in large part because he seemed the inevitable winner, and his numbers dropped by nearly half when provided with the hypothetical of another candidate (like McCain) becoming a viable challenger. Add an additional level to Bush's Command and Fundraising strengths; he had the support of much of the establishment, and so those resources should be represented.
  15. Came back after a vacation in Aruba, seen that some of my suggestions have been implemented. Found that in the candidate editor, when trying to turn a party on by default, it codes in a "yes" rather than a "1", and so keeps it off by default. Not sure if it does the same if done in the reverse. Oh, also some other potential VP candidates for Gary Johnson in 2012, three persons that he had asked before Jim Gray but had declined the position; Andrew Napolitano, Barry Goldwater Jr., and Tucker Carlson. I'm not actually sure as to what their stats should be, except Goldwater having a stamina of
  16. Ended up encountering an error when trying to put in the Green Party; most everything worked fine, though it didn't like it when I tried creating the ID for Gonzalez, but visually it appeared to work after I backed out and went back in. However, it won't let me put in any percentages, so his support is stuck at zero, and it will not allow me to change the ballot access in any state. It says there is an error in "Module 004A3194" in the .exe file. I had built this party off of my Constitution Party, so that might have something to do with it, as it didn't like some of the changes I made there
  17. Another thing............I have yet to see any of the A.I.'s effectively try and improve their campaign infastructure, in any capacity, and this carries on into the general election. At the very least, when a candidate wins the Party nomination, their stats should be boosted to a minimum of four on all accounts, in the case of the Democrats and the Republicans. That would at least partially fix the problem right off the bat.
  18. I put in Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party, and I encountered a familiar problem that I had been hoping was purged from the last version. Castle I have set to be around (0.1%) of the vote, making both the party's percentages and his own wrought with undecided voters (90%), and so the A.I. should have not be able to expand that far beyond its established limits. Unfortunately, Castle would normally pick up the supporters of one of the Republican candidates when they withdrew (I believe Sandoval), and would gain a full point in the polls, often placing ahead of the Libertarians. I have n
  19. A.I. also seems to not like keeping its Debating and Issue Familiarity skills up. A lot of them have Debating reduced to one and Issue Familiarity around two or just barely at three. Sometimes it manages, as I've seen a number of canddiates around the three and four range, but more often than not they simply don't.
  20. Would recommend allowing to put in at least two decimal places when trying to enter in percentages, as it helps to be more accurate than standard rounding; this is especially important for third parties. For example, with Gary Johnson I've tried entering in his percentages from 2012 as a base for him to build from, but I'm forced to round to whole numbers. Even a single decimal place would allow for a much greater deal of flexibility, and that is already somewhat present in the game through the displayed polls.
  21. I must have been using an older version at the time, as I remember it copying all the leaders from the Party being used as a Base, not just the first one. I have the updated version though as it works as you have stated. Whatever errors I encountered in that regard have since been fixed I believe. Going to make good use of it now its functional.
  22. I've got nothing. I mean, in the last two sets of Republican Presidential primaries, you had the runner-up dropping out before the third-place finisher (Romney and Huckabee.............Santorum and Gingrich), and Ron Paul of course never did formally. However, nothing that drastic in recent memory, as far as I can tell.
  23. I believe the platform comes into play, along with relations with the candidate and the relative strength of the candidate in the polls.
  24. If you are attacking them, they are quite obviously not going to want to endorse you. That is, I'm assuming that you are releasing attack ads against just about everyone, which will plummet your relations with those candidates, making them less willing to accept any offer on your part.
  25. Something that came to me when I was playing one of the scenarios.............why do you have to offer to withdraw? Why not just........withdraw? I can understand this in the case of endorsements, when you might have to convince a candidate to give it legitimacy, but any man or women should be able to withdraw from the race, whether their opponents wish it or not. Just seems a bit silly and unrealistic. On a secondary note, if you are looking for someone to replace Ventura (as I mentioned, he has publicly stated he would only run as an Independent), the only other candidate I can think of is
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