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  1. No problem. Now I've been actively working on a scenario, and I've picked up on a few other issues mentioned elsewhere on the board, so the following are my thoughts and observations since my last post: The scenario I have been working on has (15) candidates in it, and I was worried it was going to be a fairly slow game as often it seems to lag when there are that many candidates. To my surprise though there wasn't any lag at all between turns, almost to the point where it was as fast as if there were only (2) candidates or so. The difference in my scenario though is that it starts
  2. @admin_270 I have to open by admitting that I have yet to play a full game of President Infinity, least starting in the primaries and ending in the election proper; often I only play within either the primaries or the election individually given I still find the way the game interacts between the two … odd at the best of times, which can upend what would normally be sensible strategies. Also I apologize if any points or observations I make are those I've made in the past. That being said: Crusaders as they currently stand are not well designed, in my opinion. As most crusaders
  3. @admin_270 So unfortunately I've encountered a bug where virtually none of my saves are working. If I try to load them it will either say that "Unable to read from specified game file", or the game will crash to desktop. Now I say virtually none as this seems to only be happening with user scenarios, I have never had this problem with the official scenarios, and it isn't obvious what is causing the problem; this happens even if I've saved at the beginning of the scenario before anything has happened, and if I've merely copied an official scenario and made no changes. That being said,
  4. Having never played K4E and only dabbled in PM4E, what were the major differences between the two? I imagine that MMP was implemented in some form, but other than that?
  5. For the sake of argument I decided to quickly run through the last House Elections results with margins akin to what happened in 2006; polling has put Democratic support slightly under that though close to it, which would mean a popular vote margin of (~9.1%). This is complicated by the abomination that is California's Top-Two system as Democratic votes were inflated and Republican deflated given a number of Democratic-Democratic races in 2016, but I did my best to work around that. In the case of retiring incumbents I also removed a further (8%) which is traditionally considered the average i
  6. I always wondered this, and I'm curious if there is indeed a way to implement this even if it means typing it manually into the scenario documents, or if it is effectively dead code that is present for later implementation. @admin_270
  7. Lahbas

    Jones won

    Also it looks like the race will be close enough to force a counting of the Write-In votes, which should be interesting to see.
  8. Lahbas

    Jones won

    Unfortunate, but I suppose this will finally kick the GOP in the ass hard enough that they feel it, rather than being able to shrug off those close victories.
  9. I never really got into Congress Forever and so never made the jump over to Congress Infinity, but I can't even begin to imagine the kind of headache that would be to set up. Not that the idea isn't interesting, it very much is, but I would really have no good idea on how best to calculate the Representatives on a District by District basis for something like the Progressive Party, unless that is I went and translated down Roosevelt's 1912 results to the CD level (and I don't know quite where to find that). The Senate is infinitely easier on the other hand given you are again doing, well, enti
  10. Alright so I'll be honest, I need help. Come to find out I am one of those people who can come up with a basic concept and lay out some figures, but I am completely and totally inept when it comes to some other matters like the issues; not that I don't have them, I do, but I am having a hard time getting myself to write up the seven entries required for each and every one. The issues themselves I need in order to finish setting down some of the other pieces like the leanings of the States, politicos, how events may be effected, etc., and it isn't possible to work around such a critical part of
  11. So this was supposed to be a far more comprehensive update to the OP, with a reworked and expanded premise as well as descriptions for the candidacies, but quite stupidly I decided to write the drafts in the OP itself (except for the Republican one), and then proceeded to accidentally click back a page when I thought I was on something else, losing three hours of writing. More or less killed that impetus. Anyway, got at least the new candidates up that I've chosen for the Republican and Socialist parties as well as the new percentages, and an accompanying image to show what the map looks
  12. Blurb In 1920, the euphoria and jubilation that came with Theodore Roosevelt’s fourth inauguration has now completely dissipated. The United States had found itself drawn into the Great War waging on the European continent, and despite its conclusion the nation has quickly found itself mired in the Russian Civil War aiding the Whites lead by Anton Denikin. The national economy, once prosperous, has over the last year collapsed, demobilized soldiers struggling to find paying jobs and the cost of living increasing exponentially. With the appeal of the Bull Moose having withered away, it see
  13. @vcczar That's fine, I'm aware you've got a bit of a full plate at the moment reworking all the scenarios, and your welcome; glad to be back in some capacity.
  14. @vcczar I knew about them not having a popular vote, my concern was that you were just never able to tell which way that "single" voter leaned. The size of the legislature in some the States I dug around for, with New York which had 144 legislators in 1812 (Wikipedia), New Jersey would have had 52 legislators (Wikipedia; 13 counties at the time), Vermont is listed as having 206 legislators (Wikipedia; no real source that I can see though), Connecticut would have had as many as 250 legislators (Wikipedia; 119 towns then established), Delaware had 30 legislators (Wikipedia), North Carolina
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