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  1. Mines pretty close to real life for me.. I am a dissatisfied Democrat because until recently my party (Democrats) were too chickensh** to defend a womans right to choose and stand up for equality for the LGBT. With a few obvious exceptions (Kennedy for one)
  2. 1) Independent 2) California 3) Bernie Sanders 4) Stats: Leadership - 2 Integrity - 3 Experience - 3 Issue Familiarity - 3 Charisma - 4 Stamina - 3 Debate - 4 5) Platform: Immigration: Left Taxes: Center-Left Health Care: Left Government Spending: Left Military Intervention: Center Role of Government: Left Corruption: Center Defense Spending: Right Social Security: Left Unions: Left Free Trade: Left Iran: Center Education: Right War on Terror: Center-Left Abortion: Left Same-Sex Marriage: Left Gun Control: Center Energy: Center-left
  3. Ok this time I was targeting Iowa on day 1 and when i closed the Iowa screen it crashed.
  4. Can we play Windows P4E downloadable scenarios and if so how do we install them?
  5. i was just clicking for the next day when it happened i believe.
  6. i got 3 days into the primary
  7. I guess I get the first one.. I dunno if you can do anything with this.. I was playing the 2016 scenario as Biden -------- Process: p4e16 [1202] Path: /Volumes/VOLUME/p4e16.app/Contents/MacOS/p4e16 Identifier: p4e16 Version: 1.0 (1.0.0) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [144] Responsible: p4e16 [1202] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2014-06-09 18:20:11.777 -0700 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.9.3 (13D65) Report Version: 11 Anonymous UUID: B98E51D4-D5D4-DA1E-60E6-587EF47F469D Sleep/Wake UUID: 85F5F7AE-CA20-4C4E-B41D-9D9531A
  8. I know the last kickstarter update said late april for the first mac version but that was awhile ago is that date still good or is it likely to be moved back?
  9. I can't seem to play as anyone but Mitt? I click Democrat to Human or Republican to Human and both only show Mitt.
  10. william.swisher@gmail.com does it work with 1.02?
  11. I think you can re-start from step one and it'll work.. I had to try twice.
  12. Not having any issues with FLA but the same problem except mine errors out earlier. I love the game tho
  13. is the beta going to come out on time this time? With only a month and 10 days left.. and 6 months of expecting
  14. then they should have used different terms they said "is" as in a firm promise. "on or around Q4" would have been more correct.
  15. as for the customer service part I agree been in sales and cust. srvc. industry for almost 15 years and it is far overlooked how important it is to keep your base happy, especially if you fail to deliver on a promise to them.. something Mr. Obama could learn a lesson about. Ok </end Obama rant>
  16. any chance if they fail to post the beta before the end of the year we get a refund or money knocked off?
  17. wow you guys know how to cut it close eh.. just over 2 weeks left..
  18. wasn't beta supposed to come out in October-November? I bought the game pre-release hoping I'd get to play... I'm sad now
  19. all i want for christmas is Howard Dean in 2012... turned off even..
  20. I have just one scenario I'd love... a scenario following the civil war if the South Won.. I guess you could make a few scenario ideas out of that.
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