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  1. Played the trial 2010 version with PMF2005. The result was as follows: Uploaded with ImageShack.us The Greens took Brighton Pavillion and came second in Lewisham Deptford, Hackney, Norwich South and Hove. UKIP did very well in the North, getting 20% of the vote in 1 constituency. In Buckingham, Farage got 47% to Bercow's 48%. Plaid Cymru took 6 seats and Respect took 2. Richard Taylor held on to his seat in Wyre Forest. David Davis lost out to the Liberal Democrats and the Tories took Morley & Outwood, with both parties gaining 34% of the vote. Shock of the night however, was in Bla
  2. Played as Labour in UK 2010: Labour - 259 Conservative - 263 Liberal Democrats - 88 SNP -12 Greens - 1 Plaid - 6 Respect - 1 Independent - 2 Up until this week, it pretty much reflects what I thought the actual result was going to be...
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