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  1. I'd love a copy mbaglow@hotmail.co.uk Thanks!
  2. Well, for historical elections you could get a rough idea from events which did happen. I suppose that working out the effects on the next election would be tricky, but I guess there could be a range of events which are modelled to give boosts to a party or damage a party, affecting the starting positions at the next election. I'm no programmer so I don't know how hard it would be to model these things, just thought it would be a really cool feature. Otherwise it is possible to have played an election lots of times as different parties, and to wonder what to do next.
  3. The feature I'd most love to see in a new British PM4E would be the ability to play an election (say a 1983 scenario) and to then play the next election based on those results. For example, if I play the 1983 scenario and the Lib/SDP alliance get more votes than Labour, but not seats, I'd like to then be able to play the 1987 election with those results. Would add almost infinite replay value if you could keep on playing elections based on the last one you played, if you chose to.
  4. mbaglow@hotmail.co.uk Thanks a lot
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