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  1. If you're still around (2 yrs later), I'd love these scenarios: brian.appel@gmail.com
  2. I got them all, and I've started the process of editing them. For 2008, 2007, 2003, and 1998, I've put in the incumbents for every riding and adjusted things slightly. I'd like to get to work on 1994 and back, but it seems like it's just the 1998 issues changed up a bit. Does anybody want to help me come up with relevant issues, and their positions, in the 1994, 1989, 1985, 1981, 1976 and 1970 elections?
  3. Patine, do you think you could send them to me? brian.appel@gmail.com
  4. I recall way back there were more Quebec election scenarios. 1976, for sure, and definitely 1985, 1998, 2003 and 2007. Does anybody have any of them or know where I can get them?
  5. could I possibly get a copy too: brian.appel@gmail.com
  6. appelb

    Canada 2011

    I much prefer the Wonk map as it's more realistic. I also wish they could do the flipping back and forth thing. Like when you're watching each individual poll result come in, the riding goes back and forth between 2,3,or even four candidates. Can that be simulated?
  7. appelb

    Canada 2011

    I always hoped they'd figure out a way to show the individual results of each candidate down to the vote. When I've seen candidates at 40% and 40% win, I've often wondered by how much they won. 10 votes? 100 votes? 1 vote?
  8. appelb

    Canada 2011

    Well, Tony, there's not much that I can tell you that you probably don't already know. The economy will play a big role in the campaign, so should be an issue. Jet fighters too, for sure. Here is a few issues http://thechronicleherald.ca/Front/9020293.html I want to be one of the first to buy this game, so let me know the minute it comes out. I've been around since this was 80soft and just sold P4E, so any discounts for a longtime customer? ;-)
  9. appelb

    Canada 2011

    With the election call expected over the weekend, is anybody working on this scenario?
  10. Hi there, I tried creating a scenario whereupon the Liberals, NDP and Green Party were united into one. It seemed like a good scenario, and I know something similar was created by somebody else, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Anywhere, when I tried to run it, I get the error "@ is not a valid integer" and I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to fix it.
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