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  1. Awesome! Cant wait to give it a play
  2. Ya could you send it to me too? Red-tory@hotmail.com. Thanks, look fantastic btw!
  3. Awesome! If you wanna send me a copy at red-tory@hotmail.com or post it up on the scenarios I'd be more than happy to test it out
  4. Oh holy cow you're busy with scenarios!
  5. How's the scenario coming along GOP Progressive? Do ya need any more input at all?
  6. Would it be possible for that scenario to be put back up for public download?
  7. I think it's important, or at least would be very cool, to actually have that massive support for the PCs post-debate. It'd make for a more realistic scenario, and give anyone playing for the Libs a challenging game.
  8. I would say National Unity, due to the political conditions in Quebec as well as those in Western Canada. Meech had just finished disentegrating National Unity and Canadians were, in part, looking for a federal party best able to lead a united Canada.
  9. I would say do it through leadership, but it sounds like a really smart way of going about it.
  10. Sorry yes, it is the 1993 scenario which has the problem; 1997 works great. That'd be awesome, I'd be more than happy to test out your scenario GOP Progressive.
  11. I'd love to have a go at it! Please send me a copy at red-tory@hotmail.com, thanks!
  12. Hey there, When I go to start this scenario I'm prompted by a message that says "'Liberal' is not a valid integer". How can I fix this problem, as I really love the 1997 version of this scenario and would like to play this one.
  13. Hello everyone, Just a question to the creator of the Progressive 2008 scenario, do you have any plans to make any more scenarios featuring the progressives? It really was a fantastic scenario.
  14. Yes it is, unless that 15% nationally is regionally concentrated in a section of the country (in this case it'd have to be either Quebec or the West).
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