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  1. Can you add Pat McCrory as a candidate for the Republicans as well?
  2. Since I hopefully finished editing the 1796 scenario, i figured i start with 1840 next but i need some help. Does anyone know any good Issues or sites about the state populations in 1840? I would appreciate any amount of help. Thansk
  3. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IUTYGR86 This is the link to my second update. New features include: -Updated map -Updated Popular Votes -Fixed Spelling Errors Tell me what you guys think
  4. No, I didn't get it. But I created a new one that looks better than the last one.
  5. I believe I am going to finish this up. I'll post the newer version soon.
  6. 13th Admendment Sufferage Titanic? if not that, then Travel might would work. European Relations
  7. Thanks, i'll make sure to pre order it when i have the money.
  8. Sorry, i'm new to this but if i was to buy the beta version, do i have to buy the game again?
  9. I got it to start, but when i tried to go to the next round is said "list Index out Of Bounds (0)"
  10. tb75

    American Parlament

    I need help with my scenario, if anyone can help i would appreciate it.
  11. tb75

    American Parlament

    It will be good believe me
  12. It's basically the same as 2008 except it is in a parliamentary system. so it will be released soon as it can because i need to figure everything out. If you have any questions/help/advice/comments etc post it here. Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for the help, i finally got it
  14. Still not working What i need help with is what do i save the file to and how does it become a P4E file?
  15. I am doing the US election from 2008 as a Prime Minster style elction. I am using Windows notepad so i guess start explains part of it.
  16. I am attempting to make a scenario for PM4-British Edition, but i need help with converting the notepad files to P4E files. I got half of the work done, but i have no idea about how to convert the files. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  17. I need some issues because i can't think of any
  18. I put my 1856 scenario aside because of problems with Scenario. And i decided to start on 1884, but do any of you guys have any ideas for the scenarios because i am stumped?
  19. It's coming, but as of now it's in a beta stage. I already have all the issues but i am using this to inform you of the current state of the scenario.
  20. How do you make them? I have Campaigns forever which makes it for President Forever, but how do you make them for the British Game?
  21. Will Congress Forever have a scenario creator now or in the future?
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