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  1. Playing as Kerry on Medium. Kerry - 52,492,227, 51.4%, 334 EVs Bush - 47,474,833, 46.5%, 204 EVs The following states flipped from 2000: CO - Bush to Kerry NV- Bush to Kerry AZ- Bush to Kerry AR- Bush to Kerry NH- Bush to Kerry IA- Gore to Bush So much for Rove's permanent GOP majority. I still can't believe I won Arkansas and Arizona.
  2. Spacebarring as Buchanan. Suck it, Dubya! Interpret the Get Republicans Elected Every November Party's absence at your leisure.
  3. I was Howard. At the start of the campaign, I put out 3 Billboard ads: one on Howard/Iraq War, one on Blair/Tax and Spend, and one on Howard/Identity Cards. Occasionally, I would throw up a national ad attacking Blair here or there. I turned up the spin to OVAR 9000!!!1 and churned out 2 Crusaders. I maybe tried to court favor with a few endorsers, but didn't really spend too much time on it. Late in the campaign, a scandal on Blair came up and I spun the everloving crap out of it. I was already leading solidly in the polls by then, but I think that was what gave me the landslide. You may fin
  4. I want this too. Here's my email: gbrlclrk744@gmail.com
  5. Please email to: gbrlclrk744@gmail.com All three of them. Thanks.
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