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  1. Hey all I've put together a UK 2012 scenario and uploaded it to the board. Let me know what you think, and enjoy. United Kingdom 2012 HB
  2. Sorry to have been so lax about this... I've now uploaded the scenario onto the main page - it can be found here - so it is available to everyone, forever, etc... Aren't you lucky? HB
  3. Hey y'all. First, it's been pointed out to me that the link above did not work. It should be fixed now, but let me know if not. http://www.mediafire.com/?8whi2a51bg35g1c I have updated Verhofstad's profile, specifying him as a "multiple term" Belgian PM - I hope that settles dispute. Both Patine and Matvail2002 above make good points - and why shouldn't there be EUL-NGL candidates / far right-eurosceptics? First, EUL-NGL is not a political party, it's a European Parliament bloc - which is subtly different. If I was going to include a far-left group it would be the Party of the Europea
  4. How true. And how embarrassing. I have made the changes. They are: - Verhofstad served two terms as Belgian PM - Le Monde is now an interviewer - Sweden has Sweden's flag. Not Finland's. The same link in my original post directs you to the updated version. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated...
  5. Finally, after much too long, I have managed to get this together. It's not exactly finished - it needs folks with more time on their hands than I have who are keen to test out some of the various candidates. I think there's a general problem that it's too easy for PES, so if anyone can give me some pointers for improvements, that'd be great. A few points on how it works / how I've worked it out: This is the election for President of the European Council, better known (colloquially) as the European President. The role is currently held by Herman van Rompuy, who was appointed President by
  6. I think the issues are great, for the most part. Just a couple of comments: Current Issues Balanced Budget - Very much an American political phrase - I don't know if I've once heard it mentioned here in the UK in terms of politics. A better issue name might be Spending Cuts, which fits well with the issue descriptors and is very much the political buzzword of the minute. Families - I liked the inclusion of this; it's something Cameron's making a big thing of. Government - Not sure about this one. It looks more like a Labour Voters = YES; Non-Labour Voters = NO type issue. ie Not reall
  7. I have had EXACTLY the same problem, but with Vista. I asked the question a couple of days ago on the C4E help blog, but have been as yet met with silence. Hopefully a reply coming soon...
  8. Well, I've struggled on to get a working map. Now moving on to issues. Any thoughts? At the moment I have: Agriculture / CAP Citizenship + Identity Competition Law Defence Democratic Defecit Environment + Energy The Euro European Commission European Courts European Federalism Expansion Foreign Policy Free Movement Humanitarian Aid / Development Lobbyists MEP's Expenses Regionalism v Centralism Turkey Problem is that a lot of them are quite structural and less ideological / political, which is a bit dull. Not everything's gonna be a winner though, I guess. Would love to
  9. Would you mind sharing the map with me? Cheers.
  10. Hey, I'm putting together some thoughts on a European Union based scenario. Unfortunately I have nowhere to start in terms of a map. If anyone could put one together for me, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks.
  11. I don't know about a student council one, but I'm working on a University Student Union one at the moment, absed at a UK university (Edinburgh).
  12. Hey, I'm putting together a European Union scenario. Not being hugely computer literate, however, I am struggling to put a map together. I was wondering if there was some kind soul out there who might volunteer? Many thanks.
  13. Hey, I'm going back the drawing board somewhat with the EU scenario, but very keen to get it done before the actual president of the commission is picked. Anyone fancy putting an EU map together for me? Cheers, HB
  14. Hey folks, I actually put a European Scenario together, mostly because I wanted to have a go with one. Unfortunately, there was an error in it somewhere that I couldn't iron out, so I sent it in to Theory Spark to see if they could figure it out. I haven't heard from them in a couple of months, so I might give them a poke to see what's going on. However, I'll let you know if it gets off the ground. HB
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