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  1. Hi, i'v got the following message in PMI in a custom scenario TGameEngine::ProcessEndOfRoundServer () Code=63 Acces violation as adress 004A40DF in module 'PMI_UK'.Read of address 000000A0 This happened when i try to go on the next day at the beginning of the campaign ( between the first and the second day). Any idea ? Thank you Tom
  2. hi I've got the same question, i would like to determine the number of NH seat. Is it possible? Thank you
  3. Hi everybody, i don't know if i'm in the right section of this forum but i have tried to make a scenario for belgium, map looks ok (i tried it with campaigns forever), pictures, candidates etc seems also beeing ok but when i want to start playing i reveived this message "access violation at address 005EA0B8 in module 'PM4e-can-2011.exe'. Read of adress 00000008". Does anyone have an idea to solve my problem ? Thanks a lot Tom
  4. Hi , does someone still have this scenario ? Thanks tom
  5. the map of belgium and political units that i have done ... i want to convert it for PM4E..
  6. ok... how can convert my map, if you can do that i can do second part of the job
  7. La fusion des partis n'a plus beaucoup de sens,peu nombreux sont les liens autres qu'historique qui les unissent, idéologiquement CD&V est à droite CdH autre centre voir centre gauche... Je continue de travailler dessus mais avec quoi faites vous les scenario pour prime minister ?
  8. ok, pourquoi un scenario presidentiel en belgique , parce que j'ai campaings forever ;-) Les Partis :cdv (leterme,Van Rompuy), Open-vld ( verhofstadt, De Gucht) , Sp.a( van den bossch,Gennez,Vande Lanotte, VB (Annemans,dewinter,Vanhecke,Morel),Lijst Dedecker, Groen (Tinne van der straeten, Magda Alvoet), MR ( Reynders, Maingain,Michel) PS(Di rupo,Demotte,Magnette,Onckelinx),Cdh(Milket,Lutgen,Fonck,Mampaka,Delvaux),Ecolo(Javaux,Morael,Durant),FN(Feret, Delacroix),PP(modrikamen) Les pourcentages sont ceux de 2007 sur bases des circonscriptions provinciales ( beneficiant d'un nombres de grands
  9. Salut, merci du conseil, je vais tous les revoir un par un... autre questions, la proportionnelle est disponible pour les primaires mais est donc vraiment impossible pour l'élection générale? merci encore Tom
  10. Hello , i'm working on a belgian scenario and everything was ok but it still remain one problem . During primaries a candidate can be endorsed by a candidate from an other party but whent there is an interaction between two members of the same party there is an error message ( invalid floating point...) somebody has an idea to solve this probleme ... thanks tom ps: i'm sorry for the mistake but as you can read it , english isn't my first language. ;-)
  11. Hi everybody, i wanted to do my own scenario with my little town but i always have the same problem with the map ...it seems like there is no way to do it ! i have made a map but when i want to include it with campaign editor it doesn't work... could someone tell me what's wrong with my map? thanks
  12. tom9785

    Quebec 2003

    please old links seems to be dead
  13. tom9785

    Quebec 2003

    Hi, I'm desperately seeking a scenario of Quebec 2003, does someone have that? thank you very much tom
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