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  1. Hi guys! It's my first scenario It's based on San Marino 2008 parlamentary elections. There should be proportional representation, but you know, it's not possible. Issues are not complete (ther's no description) because I don't know party positions; the numbers are taken from the latest polls and are very accurate. Two screen DOWNLOAD
  2. Thanks you so much! Another question: during national elections, is it possible to set proportianal delegates assigning? I've done it for primaries but not for presidential elections...
  3. Hi guys! First of all, sorry for my bad english I've just downloaded Italy2008 scenario and I noted that PDL primaries had no delegates. How can I change it?
  4. Hi! I'm from Italy (Naples) so I'd like to play this scenario but I noted tat in PDL primaries there are no delegates :| How can i change this?
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