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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but it's mathematically impossible to create all 5 crusaders during the election campaign. It takes 10 days to create each crusader which is a minimum of 50 days. But the election itself only lasts for just over 5 weeks (44-46 days) I also think 10 points per crusader is quite a lot. Especially in the early days of the campaign when you are targeting constituencies, creating footsoldiers and influencing endorsers. So how about reducing the amount of time to create a new crusader from 10 to 7 days? Thereby solving both the above problems. Other
  2. Bear with me whilst I describe tonight's events in chronological order which has led me to my current problem. (1) I tried to install the latest update to Prime Minister Forever 2010 tonight and it was unsuccessful. There are no clear instructions on how to update to the latest version so I attempted to install the update OVER the current version (as you would do with a patch in most games) which resulted in an error message midway through the installation. (2) I aborted the update after getting the error message and used Control Panel to uninstall the game in order to start from scratch wi
  3. And don't forget the failed SNP court challenge to have the 3rd debate stopped which has resulted in negative headlines for the party.
  4. Would agree with that. I didn't even have time to see if I'd taken my targeted marginals before the game automatically returned to the main menu. On President Forever there was a "Election night is over, press OK to continue" prompt and you had time to review all your results before hitting the button.
  5. I've actually got some suggestions about individual Scottish candidates and constituencies. Some of the ridings are way out (Glasgow East is a big example) but rather than list them all here I'll send Anthony a private message later tonight. This is a great game though. I don't want to sound as if I'm constantly knocking it, just think it needs some minor tweaking. I've played 5 or 6 elections already and I only purchased it 24 hours ago. So check your inbox tonight Anthony. I live in Scotland and have a keen interest in politics at both local and national level so I believe I can offe
  6. I have version so how do I update to the latest version? Do I need to uninstall the game and download it again or is there a patch? When I click on "update" it opens up this screen which shows the version I've got already. http://theoryspark.com/help/political_games/president_forever/version-information/ Didn't even know there was a 1.7 update as I've had a look around and can't see any information on the site.
  7. Another suggestion would be to upgrade the Scottish National Party's "how established party" counter from 2 to 3. The major parties in Northern Ireland all have the 3 rating, and the SNP have been governing in Scotland for nearly 3 years with almost no dip in popularity since their May 2007 election win. In fact, they are odds on to increase their majority in next year's election. Of all the major parties in Scotland, the SNP are probably best organised with strong grassroots support at local level, increased party membership numbers and solid financial backing.
  8. The 6 week campaign is necessary IMO. It takes 10 days to create each crusader and 5 days for the first set of ads to be ready. Rushing the whole election into 35 days using the TheorySpark model just wouldn't work. Having limited CP points for endorsements in a 35-day campaign is another reason why it wouldn't work. It would also be very difficult to research scandals on your political opponents with less time available.
  9. I bought the game tonight and here are my first impressions. VERY ENJOYABLE Great game and very realistic until election night. I played as the Conservatives and throughout the 6 week campaign, the lead changed several times between Cameron and Brown with neither having a major advantage up until election night when it was expected to be a close call. We had a very slight advantage of 1-2% going into the final day but ended up winning 403 seats to Labour's 174. We won 39% of the electoral vote with Labour taking 27% We were struggling in one region with just a week to go (can't remember
  10. After Congress Forever 2010 has been released and the bugs sorted, the guys should focus on some add-on scenarios for the current games. These would not be given away free of charge and owners would be able to purchase these downloads for inclusion in their existing games. Eventually every Presidential election of the 20th century could be incorporated into President Forever. Each pack could include 4 or 5 scenarios and be available for a small fee. Every UK General Election since 1945 could be incorporated into Prime Minister Forever, again in batches of 4 and 5 at a time. Every German f
  11. Cheers Anthony. I noticed that if you purchase President Forever 2008 through RegNow then you get a 50% discount on other TheorySpark games. I've provided a screenshot below showing the order screen. http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o147/Potsdamerplatz/theoryspark.jpg Now I would really fancy having Australia and Canada at those prices. All we're asking is that the same deal be made available for Congress Forever and BPMF 2010 I appreciate you've got a business to run and customers can't be allowed to dictate the prices or haggle for discounts. Merely pointing out that the offer is
  12. Thanks Anthony. Will it be made available to purchase using RegNow (as with previous TheorySpark games) or just Paypal?
  13. Here is the Theoryspark page for British Prime Minister Forever 2010: http://theoryspark.com/political_games/prime_minister_forever_uk_2010/purchase/index.htm OK, now scroll down to where it says: Click here to purchase Prime Minister Forever - British 2010. Which brings up this link: https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=3403-22 In the shopping basket, what has actually been added is "President Forever 2008 + Primaries"
  14. Me too, I'll be purchasing my copy within the next week or so. And I hope someone designs a 1992 scenario too, although I know the constituency boundary changes will make this harder. Good work on all the extra regions BTW. I played the 2005 demo and was disappointed by how few regions there were. The new version seems to have made the same more realistic.
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