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  1. I'd lower Manchin's integrity to "3" he wasn't free from scandal as Governor.
  2. I'd lower Manchin's integrity to "3" he wasn't free from scandal as Governor.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1919 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1920 This might help.
  4. Putin got 90% or something of the Chechnyan vote, LOL should be fun, but good luck.
  5. McAdoo should have his experience upped to 4(he had Wilson's ear and his daughter) leadership upped to 5 (For completely and successfully reorganizing the US economy) and integrity lowered to 2 (KKK connections) IMO.
  6. The idea is that Feingold will run against Walker in the next Gubernatorial Race, whenever it may occur.
  7. Yeah, I always have trouble with the "Led" word. Just like that, I also have no clue how to create a scenario in PM4E so, yeah. I was uh really tired when I proposed this idea.
  8. Called the Tabloid Election, the Sunday Patriot scandal blows completely out of proportion, years of criminal activity are released to the public. The Conservative Premier from 1990-1997 was blackmailed, The Labour premier from 1997-2007 was lead through years of sleaze by the so called "Tabloid King," His replacement from 2007-2010 was unable to control the situation. And worse of all, The current Conservative Prime Minister not only tried to turn his back to all of the corruption, due to the fact that he had a cozy affair with the Patriot's editor, he actually used the investigators to spy
  9. Alberta always has interesting characters.
  10. You have to divide up the AFL-CIO, and you have to make the CIO's split from the AFL in 1935 an event, and have it endorse Huey Long as an event. A CIO strike possibly crashed by AFL goons would probably boost SOW and the GOP, the GOP on the front that people would be tired of union drama, while sympathy for the CIO would boost. Long and Roosevelt each being the face of a union would be very interesting. Huey Long running probably would've made the Union wars more violent. You could also have competition for the western farmer vote. Farmer's generally supported FDR but if Huey Long ran, th
  11. Try 23 years. Though that one was on easy, after it I moved up to medium, but I already posted this. Just wanted to say that I was the visionary behind the concept of "Orange Wave"
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