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  1. Ste

    UK 1992

    Hi I've dug up this old post I made NINE years ago for clarification (I;ve had a bit of an hiatus from these games for a few years but I'm trying again now) The suggestion given by Edward above worked for me back in the day, but when Ive recently tried to install newly created scenarios, I now get an error message stating that the scenario is not compatible with my game. Any ideas please?
  2. Ste

    UK 1992

    Sorry I hadnt replied sooner...had a lot of issues to deal with offline lately! Yes it worked fine and I really enjoyed playing the scenario. I tried playing both Labour & Tories and got small majorities in each case so you seem to have got the balance just right. Brilliant!
  3. Ste

    UK 1992

    Thanks for that. I was downloading to the wrong place! Seems to be OK now. And yes my computer skills are extremely basic Thanks again
  4. Ste

    UK 1992

    Hi Edward (and anyone else who can help me) For some perspective, I should let you know that my knowledge of all things computer & downloading etc is limited to say the least. I bought PM forever UK (2005) some time ago and have enjoyed playing it. I happened across this forum recently and was intrigued at these various scenarios that you very clever people have created. I note that Edward has a link to download a 1992 version in the previous posts in this thread, I downloaded & extracted the files from the link BUT when I opened the download folder I didnt see anything that was li
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