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  1. Bump, can someone email this to liberalkid.jackson@gmail.com ?
  2. Bump this up, again. Someone email me at christopherjpjacskson@gmail.com the scenario. Also, if someone could reply that they HAVE the scenario, it would be appreciated.
  3. Could someone here email the Commonwealth scenario that was created a couple months ago? It was the British commonwealth election with three political parties. Thanks. Email to liberalkid.jackson@gmail.com
  4. Could someone, anyone, please send me their Commonwealth 2010 scenario for President Forever. This is the one where the U.S, Canada, Britain, etc, all are one single country. My email is christopherjpjackson@gmail.com. This would be much appreciated
  5. Map, from my save Mondale versus Reagan from the '84 scenario. I wrapped up the primaries early. McGovern surged in Iowa and nearly beat me in NH but otherwise there were no issues. I cleaned up and started on Reagan, piling up scandals and focusing most of my issues and ads on attacking his Leadership. From March until around July the race was stagnant, with Mondale making a few incremental gains in the electoral college (ie Ohio and Michigan). Right up until the Democratic Convention the race was pretty solidly me from 41-43% to Reagan's 45-47%. The wad of cash I got from the convention allowed me to be far more agressive in my attacks, though I saved about $6 million for the last week, when I blitz the other side with negative ads. So week after week i began gaining ground until late October, when I was ahead 47.8 to 47.4. After Mondale took the lead the dam burst for Reagan as I flooded the news with scandals and the airwaves with negative attack. His momentum bottomed out 1 day before with the election. The popular vote was 55.1 to 44.9 in the end, and the electoral college, as you can see, was more runaway
  6. christopherjpjackson@gmail.com
  7. First, Could someone send me the scenario from US, 2016 where it has a large number of third party candidacies? Second, Could someone send me the Commonwealth scenario, for P4E 2008? Third, We need to have a cohesive list of links and everything
  8. I'm so excited! Send me this in a .zip if possible, I don't have Winrar. ChristopherJPJackson@gmail.com
  9. All right, i'll add two. Name: Senator Stella Strohman Age: 46 Home State: California Bio: Senator Strohman is the Junior Senator from the Golden State. Born in New Hampshire, and attending Boston College, Strohman was a pro-choice activist for decades until winning election to the Senate ten years ago over popular Senator Arnold Vinnick. Now having changed her politics to becoming a more moderate member of the party, she has a powerful base amongst women and feminists. Can she turn this into a sucessful White House bid? Stats: Leadership: 3 Experience: 4 Integrity: 3 Issue Familiarity: 4 Charisma: 5 Stamina: 3 Debating: 3 Crusaders: Ralph Strohman PIP: 0 Power: 1 Congressman Nelson Ford PIP:4 Power: 3 PIPS: 15 Funds: 1,000,000 Issues: Abortion: Left Education: Center Left Energy: Center-Left Environment: Center-Left Free Trade: Center Government Spending: Center-Left Gun Control: Center Health Care: Center Left Immigration: Left Iran: Center Left Military: Center-left Qumam: Center Left Regulation: Center Left Same Sex Marriage: Center Left Social Security: Center Left Subprime Mortgages: Center-Left Tax Rates: Center Left War on Terror: Center AAAAND MY ONE Name: Governor Nathanial McCarthy Age: 52 Home State: Wisconsin Bio: Governor McCarthy was elected eight years ago to the WI Governors office. Notre-Dame educated, born and bred in Iowa, with immense intellect and charisma, he may be exactly what the Democrats want in a candidate. But will his remkarkably left-wing politics and tendency to run at the mouth be his undoing? Stats: Leadership: 5 Experience: 3 Integrity: 3 Issue Familiarity: 5 Charisma: 5 Stamina: 1 Debating: 3 Crusaders: Elizabeth McCarthy PIP: 0 Power: 1 Mark McCarthy PIP:0 Power: 1 PIPS: 15 Funds: 1,000,000 Issues: Abortion: Center Education: Center Energy: Left Environment: Left Free Trade: Center-Left Government Spending: Left Gun Control: Center-right Health Care: Far-Left Immigration: Left Iran: Center-Right Military: left Qumam: Center Left Regulation: Left Same Sex Marriage: Far-Left Social Security: Center Left Subprime Mortgages: Center-Left Tax Rates: Left War on Terror: Center-Left
  10. could anyone send me the .zip file for the 1992 election scenario? thanks. JonHoynes@gmail.com
  11. might i suggjest a series of events saying something along the lines of "Dewey slow to campaign" which dramatically decreases his momentum, and one for "Truman charging ahead" also, perhaphs add Eisenhower as a Democratic candidate. there was a modest push (Claude Pepper for example) for him to be the Dem's nominee
  12. a few things.. first, the effect of the bombing halt MUST be increased dramatically two, the Dems need very little money in the beginning of the GE, but slowly increasing towards a cresendo at the end
  13. I was playing the 88 scenario last night, and my political idol Paul Simon lost to.. wait for it.. Pat Robertson. set on hard, and i released all my scandals on him with three days left, all ads on, guns blazing. his momentum was -11. i didn't expect to win, but to get close.. and yet get smashed with a 9-point, +300 electoral vote loss. god, the agony. So, my question is, how do you cope with those depressing losses?
  14. 1976: Bayh/Kennedy VS Ford/Reagan. BAYH: 539 electoral votes 67.8%- 67,316,933 votes Ford:0 electoral votes 29.8%- 29,636,836 votes McCarthy: 0 electoral votes 2.4%- 2,381,380 three largest blowouts: Montana: 84.1 Alabama: 83.4 Kansas: 82.5 80% or larger: Washington state New Mexico Oklahoma Arkansas North Carolina Kentucky CLOSEST STATES: PENNSLVANIA: Dem +8 North Carolina: Dem +10
  15. First, is it even possible to win the 1988 Democratic Primary as Simon? Either I suck or it's impossible. Two, Can ANY Democrat win in 1984? Three, does anyone know how the student council project was going? And Finally (and i really would care to know this) what are strategies you use, whether you're the frontrunner or underdog in both the primaries and in the GE? Thanks
  16. get a copy of Fear and loathing on the campaign trail by Hunter Thompson. and Nixonland by Rick Perlstein
  17. 1. recount 2.network play 3. losing primaries and running in general 4. giving Iowa and New Hampshire more influence.
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