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  1. Map, from my save Mondale versus Reagan from the '84 scenario. I wrapped up the primaries early. McGovern surged in Iowa and nearly beat me in NH but otherwise there were no issues. I cleaned up and started on Reagan, piling up scandals and focusing most of my issues and ads on attacking his Leadership. From March until around July the race was stagnant, with Mondale making a few incremental gains in the electoral college (ie Ohio and Michigan). Right up until the Democratic Convention the race was pretty solidly me from 41-43% to Reagan's 45-47%. The wad of cash I got from the convention a
  2. 1976: Bayh/Kennedy VS Ford/Reagan. BAYH: 539 electoral votes 67.8%- 67,316,933 votes Ford:0 electoral votes 29.8%- 29,636,836 votes McCarthy: 0 electoral votes 2.4%- 2,381,380 three largest blowouts: Montana: 84.1 Alabama: 83.4 Kansas: 82.5 80% or larger: Washington state New Mexico Oklahoma Arkansas North Carolina Kentucky CLOSEST STATES: PENNSLVANIA: Dem +8 North Carolina: Dem +10
  3. 1. recount 2.network play 3. losing primaries and running in general 4. giving Iowa and New Hampshire more influence.
  4. i've had a few things.... once won theoryspark-created 2008 with Kucinich (!) on medium. exactly the same electoral count as 2004 but with Ohio flipped. Primaries went astonishingly odd, as i racked up Iowa, New Hampshire, SC, Michigan (was mostly useless) and Nevada. 2004 was a hilarious/wierd game. played as Dean, and won 60%+ in Iowa and NH. some tricky manueverings led me to blow everyone out of the water on Super Tuyesday. Gephart, the @$$, stayed in till the election, but i had already locked up the nomination. the general elections was sort of a "leftover"- Bush had overwelming popul
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