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  1. So this is one i started a while back and finally have up to working condition. It still could use some more candidates I think, but here was a test run: If anyone wants this scenario, please post your email. Also, feel free to make any suggestions.
  2. It should be from [edited by admin] with a Zip file called "High School" attached.
  3. This was amazing for me. I managed to get 1 high and 1 medium profile scandals on the GOP and spent myself into oblivion. Nevada, Iowa, and Kentucky were surprisingly strong victories. Wisconsin was unbelievable. 81%. California and Connecticut were the two toss ups.
  4. I'm pretty miffed too. I sent in my scenario that has an error months ago with no reply since.
  5. For who heads the gubernatorial races, just use a head of the [insert party] Governor's Association,
  6. Lol, thanks. I was just about to get to posting that when you posted it!
  7. When doing the stats for the players, be sure Truman has stamina of 5. He spoke more during that campaign than any other candidate ever
  8. It's nicely done, but pretty hard to play, but then there'd be no fun if it was easy. I can't move my numbers at all in the early states as Truman. And any particular reason the states are all FPP?
  9. I hadn't planned on it, but I might within reason. What did you have in mind?
  10. The second crusader's Pip level needs to be at 5 in order to have a power of 4. Please change this.
  11. Glad to see the responses! Keep 'em coming! One thing I;d like to add: If you and another player wish to have your characters have a good or bad relationship, then please both comment that.
  12. I'll make the first Candidate Name: Secretary James Knupp Age: 63 Home State: Illinois Bio: Secretary Knupp served as Illinois' senator in the late 80's, early 90's, before becoming the Secretary of State to the Democratic Branson administration. Serving there for all 8 years of the administration, he became known for diffusing potentially volatile situations in Africa and the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslav Republic. With both domestic and foreign affairs experience, Knupp seems to be well rounded for the job of President. however, his absence from any public office for nearly 7 years has some worried that he's not truly committed. Stats: Leadership: 4 Experience: 4 Integrity: 4 Issue Familiarity: 3 Charisma: 4 Stamina: 3 Debating: 3 Crusaders: Donna Knupp PIP: 0 Power: 1 Mayor Gary Ford PIP:4 Power: 3 PIPS: 15 Funds: 1,000,000 Issues: Abortion: Left Education: Center Left Energy: Left Environment: Left Free Trade: Center Left Government Spending: Center Gun Control: Left Health Care: Center Left Immigration: Center Iran: Center Left Military: Center Qumam: Center Left Regulation: Center Left Same Sex Marriage: Far Left Social Security: Center Left Subprime Mortgages: Center Tax Rates: Center Left War on Terror: Center Left
  13. Ok, while I wait for Theoryspark to get back to me on my current project, I'm going to do one of those create your own candidates scenarios. 10 democrats, and 10 republicans at the max. Stats: each candidate gets 25 points to spend on stats (leadership, integrity, experience, issue familiarity, stamina, charisma, debating skill). Political Influence points: All candidates will have 15 PIPs. Issues: Each candidate will set their issue positions based off of the 2008 wonk edition issues, except for a few I'm going to change, which I'll let you know later. Starting Percentages: All candidates will start off at 1% nationally. I'll then run a few games with a space bar candidate, then I will use the results from the primaries to determine who will start off at what percentage where. Crusaders: Each candidate gets one crusader with a cost of 0 PIPs, and a power of 1, for unlimited days (wife, relative). Each candidate may also have one more crusader. This crusader can have up to a power of 4, but will cost 5 PIPs. A power of 3 = 4 points, 2 = 3, and 1 = 2. These crusaders will have 150 days. Funds: All candidates will have $1,500,000. Candidates can give up PIPs, with 1 PIP = $200,000, in order to gain more money How Well Known: All candidates will be set at Medium. By random drawing, 2 candidates will be set to High, and 1 set to low. Candidates can always request that their level be set lower, but not higher. How Well Established: All candidates start at 3. By random drawing, 1 candidate will be set at 4 VPs: All VPs will be generated by me, but suggestions are welcome. Remember this is fictional though, so no real politicians. Bios: Candidates may be nearly anything, cabinet secretaries, senators, mayors, governors, congressmen, actors, businessmen, etc. I however have the right to veto any bio fact. The first person to post with a certain bio position has claims to that position. I can't have two current governors of Ohio running... Scenario Background: The outgoing President is Howard Thune, very similar to George Bush. His unpopular war in Quman(Fictional Middle Eastern Country Similar to Iraq) has the nation weary and the war on terror has put citizens on edge. The 2008 election is shaping up to be a very divisive election.
  14. This is just the 2004 scenario, but with Lincoln Chafee's percentages set at 10% nationally, and 35% in RI. Also, most of his issue positions are now set to their correct place in real life. Also, he now has the correct home state, a million dollars as opposed to 100,000, and 15 Political influence Points. One final edit, he has his wife and Mayor Bloomberg as his crusaders.Download If you have suggestions for further edits, please let me know. Mostly, I need to finish off his issue positions
  15. How about no? Instead of wasting your asking people to give you the game, how about you go get a job to earn money to buy it yourself?
  16. How in the world did you win as Simon? I did everything: Had a constant surge of foot soldiers in Iowa, was running ads with a power of 7, had a +18 momentum in Iowa, and was only campaigning there. I couldn't get above 3.5%. I even had all of the Democratic governors' endorsements! I couldn't move the needle at all...
  17. I see some kind of Mid East issue. Since there still is no peace settlement, perhaps a war or continued violence?
  18. Lol, true, but i like to consider it historical. i mostly want to create this scenario so I can play as Lisa Madigan and trounce everyone
  19. As an Illinoisan, I'd love to have this scenario done. I'm willing to do it, but I'd need a lot of help from people as i've never done a historical scenario before. Here's what I have so far: Candidates Republicans: Bill Brady Kirk Dillard Dan Proft Andy McKenna Adam Andrzejewski Jim Ryan Robert Schillerstrom Matt Murphy(OFF) Douglas Whitley(OFF) Democrats: Pat Quinn Dan Hynes William "Doc" Walls Lisa Madigan(OFF) Christopher Kennedy(OFF) Jack Franks(OFF) William Daley(OFF) Green: Rich Whitney Libertarian: Rex Green Independent: Scott Lee Cohen Independent: William "Doc" Walls(OFF) Issues: Jobs Thompson Prison Abortion Same-Sex Marriage Government Corruption Redistricting This is all i have so far. i need mostly candidate issue positions, issues, and regional percentages.
  20. This one is my all time favorite Played 2008 wonk as Feingold. I started off campaigning hard in Iowa solely on health care, running ads constantly. I managed to pull off Iowa and used the momentum to pull in NH. From there on it snowballed with me in first place, Obama, then Clinton. it looked like Clinton was going to drop and endorse Obama, which would've cost me the nomination. Instead, she just plain old dropped and even though Obama got more of her delegates than I did, I got enough to lock it in. I offered Obama the VP spot and he took it The general started off really tough. McCain and I slugged it out the whole time, neither of our numbers moving much. I was running ads the whole time due to my phenomenal fund raising machine. I was bringing in $8 million a turn. The financial crisis provided me an opportunity and instead of running on health care, I ran solely on sub prime mortgages, both touting my stance and hammering McCain on his. It put me way up in swing states and brought states like Texas into play. Finally, near the end I got Collin Powell to endorse me, and then Chuck Hegel did too. The last week before election night, I ran a highly successful cable ad in every state about my sub prime mortgages stance and 3 days before the election I ran a highly successful radio ad in every state hammering McCain's position on them too. The momentum propelled me going into election night. Here's the night of And here's the end of the night Not sure how I pulled it off so well, but I'm not complaining
  21. i would like to see conventions be a little more competitive in the case of divided conventions. playing as Russ Feingold in 2008 wonk, I was in 3rd at the convention behind clinton and obama, ad was instantly eliminated without choosing to do so. I'd like to see there be somne kind of political wrangling for delegates instead of last placers getting eliminated right off the bat. it makes it worth it to run as a dark horse or long shot candidate
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