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  1. may I have a copy, laurarickcorallo@charter.net thank you!
  2. please send it to laurarickcorallo@charter.net thanks!
  3. I like the game.But it is too easy for the Democrats to win,even on hard mode I won as coakley carrying every county in just 10 seconds.It is too easy to win,you need to let the Republicans have more of a chance of getting money,and more popular in some counties.
  4. If you decide to work on this,put a post on here and I'll look at it,and ill give some canidates.
  5. Add Libertarian Party canidate John Hospers,in the 1972 he won a electoral vote,and remeber,he was only on the ballot in Colorado,Washington and I think Virginia.
  6. My favorite is the 2000 Election.Some of my other favorites are the California Gubernatorial 2010,1988,76 and 84.
  7. Okay,I think I would remove Mike Gravel from the Libertarian party because he ran for the Democratic nomination in 08,he is on the far left,place him in either the Indpendent,Green or Democratic party.
  8. I want to see everyone's opinion on which scenario on President Forever+Primaries 2008 is the best,it will be interesting to find out.
  9. Remember,Douglas took more popular votes than Breckinridge and Bell,so if you're still making this,keep that in mind.
  10. Also make sure that during this time,kind of hurt Gingrich's popularity because he was having an affair during that time too.
  11. Remember,if you are still working on this,make sure not to base the game of the election results,polls showed that Mousavi and Ahmadinejad were neck and neck.
  12. As an issue,you could also put in Watergate as a possible issue.
  13. Don't throw Reagan in as even a turned off canidate,it would be realy unrealistic,anyway he still liked being the Governor of California.
  14. Depending on what kind of school it is,(what I mean is it more conservative ore more Liberal),maybe give the Liberals more of an edge because they're positions would be more appealing to High Schoolers,because detention for bullying wouldn't be fun(I'm not saying change the issue)So basically give the Students Progressive party maybe a bit of edge over the Students for Traditional Values.
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