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  1. I want to get back into scenario designing, and I've been playing around with paint.net to create party logos on the background grid. I know how to create layers to put the logo on top of the grid, but I can't figure out how to create the glow around the logo. Can someone tell me how to do that?
  2. ScottM


    One thing that jumped out at me as soon as I started the game was the "declared," "undecided," and "not seeking" statuses. I like the fact that you actually have to build your campaign in some states by getting on the ballot as well. Honestly, I just like the interface in general. I like the detail of it.
  3. ScottM


    I've just gotten back to the games (and this forum) after a long layoff due to life getting in the way. I just downloaded President Infinity. Wow... You guys have been busy while I was away, and the results are impressive. Keep up the good work!
  4. Thanks. I may just make a copy of the existing scenario and experiment with it sometime.
  5. I thought about that, and I may go that route. I just thought I'd ask about the Australian engine to keep the scenarios at "home."
  6. If I were to create a scenario for elections prior to 1924, would I be able to change the system from IRV to FPTP by changing the yes in line 9 of the scenarios file to no?
  7. Palmer is certainly further right on certain issues. For example on the carbon tax, he's not only putting for repeal, but he wants refunds given for the taxes paid. Off interest there is that he owes a large carbon tax bill himself if I'm not mistaken.
  8. I decided to try again after posting that, and this time although it still gave me the access violation error, it seems to have worked. I'm not sure what the deal with the error message is.
  9. I used the campaign editor to make a copy of the 2013 scenario in order to modify it to create a 2010 scenario and ran into a problem. I tried to delete Kevin Rudd so that Julia Gillard would be the Labor leader and I got an access violation error. Is this something that will be corrected as the editor is updated?
  10. I'll also suggest that the Carbon and Mining taxes be issues, and possibly privatisation (I think I used the accepted spelling in Australia), since that - or, more accurately, opposition to that - was such a big issue for Katter's party.
  11. I'll start with the compliments. Just to see how it would play out, I space barred through a game with Katter, and I thought the game did a great job of simulating the election. Once the PUP and independents are added, I think this is going to be a very good simulation of the election. Also, this engine seems to handle preferences far better than the previous engine did. On the old engine, there seemed to be "leftover" votes that didn't go all the way through the preferences, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. Now for the questions: First, while as I noted, the preferences work a lot better on this engine, I noticed something peculiar. In Kennedy and Denison, the top 2 parties had combined vote totals that equalled the total number of votes, and their percentages added up to 100%, but there was still a third party listed. For example, in Kennedy, there were 86 thousand some odd votes, and the KAP and Liberal vote totals added up to that number. The KAP had 59.5% and the Liberals had 49.5%, and yet Labor was still listed with 2,000 some votes and 3.2%, so that seemed odd. Is that something that is still being worked on? Next question: Some of the issues in the game don't seem appropriate for the 2013 campaign, or even the 2010 campaign in some instances. An example would be that WorkChoices is an issue even though it was repealed in 2007 and the Coalition basically admitted that it overreached, and would thus not be something they would bring back. Are new issues still to come? Overall, I think this is an outstanding effort by your team and a great game. It's a big improvement on the previous version, and questions aside, I don't really have any complaints. Keep up the good work!
  12. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Actually, 1993 isn't done yet, either, but it's in the works. As for a time frame for release, I can't really give an estimate on that yet.
  13. ScottM

    West Germany 1949

    Personally, I'd use the news events, because it gives the scenario a bit of historical context. I think the inclusion of the historical context allows you to get the most out of the scenario when you play it.
  14. I'm hoping to see it started soon, too, but there's a lot of uncertainty concerning this election at the moment. First, we don't know who the Labor Party leader will be. It's a question of will he or won't he challenge with Kevin Rudd. I've also seen some reports that some people want Simon Crean to try to gain leadership of the party. He's said he won't trigger a spill, but I guess he could still stand if a spill is triggered. Secondly, if there is a leadership change, it could potentially have a drastic effect on polling. Thirdly, also regarding polling, I've seen some polls that have a pretty large percentage of "other" responses. While I know minor parties' preferences tend to be overstated, I can't help but wonder how much of that number is due to Katter's Australian Party, yet as to date, I haven't seen any polling treating them separately. Hopefully the details will begin to work themselves out soon, though.
  15. ScottM

    West Germany 1949

    Since they are apparently a regional party and don't have any chance of forming government, it's entirely possible they didn't have an official leader anyway. BTW, I'm not sure how much help I could be here, and I can't promise I could be extremely fast on things, but if I can give some help on this, let me know. The German engine needs more historical scenarios, IMO.
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