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  1. Yes. There are no limits in Texas, and the assumption is there's a good chance he'll run, but he's not a lock. Additional Republican possibilities would include Attorney General Greg Abbott, LG Dewhurst (unlikely, since he's probably the future senator), and Ted Cruz, likely loser in the Senate runoff. (This all happening if Perry is out) For the Democrats,State Senator Wendy Davis is a possibility if she wins this year, as well as Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, former Houston mayor Bill White, and maybe Chet Edwards, though that's unlikely since it'll have been awhile since he held off
  2. Should Carly Fiorina really get an extra star? She's polled at least 5 points worse than Campbell did in nearly every poll, and she is further to the right than he was. Her only positive is her money. In addition, shouldn't Blumenthal be doing better? He's maintained a double-digit lead, even with the misleading thing about his military service.
  3. Well I still think you should do what you are doing with Senator Borah, and have Long be an option for when Share Our Wealth is off.
  4. You should have Huey Long as an option for the Democratic party primaries.
  5. Anyone else getting an error that says "too many regions in scenario"? I've tried many combinations of options and it still isn't working.
  6. I still haven't gotten this, could anyone who did send it to john.w.delapp@gmail.com? Thank you!
  7. How about Spiro Agnew as another Republican? He'd be in between Rockefeller and Reagan ideologically.
  8. How about Perot? Even though it seems a little crazy to run a third time, maybe he would have done it in this sort of scenario due to the power vacuum. Also, Joe Biden for the Dems.
  9. The problem with counties is that unlike in other states, we have 254 counties, which is frankly an unreasonable amount of work to expect someone to do. There's still 32 districts in the state, so it's not like its lazy to do it that way. It still provides for a very specific result, and it's probably easier to chart the political alignments that way. (For example, Harris County contains the City of Houston but also some very conservative and wealthy suburbs. In contrast, the districts in the county are able to show the division between different parts of the area)
  10. Though I realize it would be a lot of work, Texas would be one of the best scenarios possible. The competitive GOP primary in 2010 plus a resurging Democratic party would make a great gameplay experience. To get around the problem of counties, why not use congressional districts? That would still make it fairly specific without the incredible workload of the counties. As a second place, Minnesota would be pretty good.
  11. I'd love to try it, would it be possible for you to send it to john.w.delapp@gmail.com? Thanks in advance!
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