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  1. Hi Folks! If I edit a scenario, it has written, that the system don't find the access patch (Cannot open file "C:\Users\Balla P├ęter\Documents\President Forever 2016\user_scenarios\2008 US Presidential Election\party_images\republican.bmp ")
  2. What's your opinion? Can we this important election?
  3. A) Eligible voters: 720,447 Green Party: Steve Larrick - Doug Paterson Nebraska Party: Berry Richards - Kelly Rosberg Democratic Psrty: Tom White - Chris Beutler
  4. A) Eligible voters: 720,447 Nebraska Green Party: Steve Larrick - Douglas Paterson Nebraska Party: ? Democratic Party: Tom White - Chris Beutler
  5. http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2006/pages/results/states/NE/G/00/index.html This link shows the 2006 election result by county.
  6. GOP: Dave Heinemann Democrats: Tom White Chris Beutler David Landis John J. Cavanaugh Mike Fahey Kim M. Robak (turn off) Nebraska Green Party: Steve Larrick Doug Paterson Nebraska Pary: Berry Richards Kelly Rosberg
  7. Heineman is th only in the Republican Primary
  8. I think the left wing will strong in the Second Great Depresson not only USA, around the world. And my vision that the traditional "Rockefeller-group" back strikes or the new McCain-centrist group. For example Lincoln Chafee although independent but if he return in the GOP.
  9. Hello Everybody! Sorry that I brake the topic but I'm new guy, and I'm Hungarian (and not very well in English). I'dont know, how many hungarian joined the site and how many hungarian people play the P4E + Primaries. Later I please your supporters because I have got the 1.007. bla bla version and I didn't load new version. And I have got new election idea. So, my first in this idea: In my opinion Governor Palin potential candidate. She isn't running the Governorship. And I think Clinton running against Obama because her position was very strong in 2008.
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